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The Best Cosmetic Foundations Including Loreal's New Roller Foundation, Vincent Longo, Origins Quick, Hide! and more!

Updated on January 27, 2010
A GOOD foundation is a MUST!
A GOOD foundation is a MUST!

Ask any woman what the most important cosmetic in their make-up bag is and they will most likely reply…FOUNDATION!! A good foundation is a must as it allows you to not only even out your skin tone…it also covers up blemishes, freckles, spots and blotches. Unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to find a good foundation (one that actually matches your skin tone and doesn't look like a mask) therefore, when a woman does find one that she really likes….she usually sticks with it!

So what exactly will a GOOD foundation do? For one thing it won't streak or change color as the day goes on. It also won't over-dry (how many times have you seen a woman with foundation on her face that appears cracked? Not pretty…to say the least!). If the foundation that you apply cracks as the day progresses…that means it is too dry.

Why is a GOOD foundation important?

A good foundation can be considered a God send. Why? Well, after you wash your face in the morning…you are basically starting with a fresh, new canvas. A good foundation will not only cover what you don't want the world to see…it will also provide the other cosmetic products that you apply something to adhere to.  More importantly, a good foundation will include sun protection…which we all know is EXTREMELY important if you want to protect the delicate skin on your face from the harmful rays of the sun (this can mean less wrinkles and that is a GOOD thing!).

A good, high quality foundation will go on smooth and feel light and comfortable (not heavy and cake-like). Bad foundation….well, in a nutshell, is hard to hide from the world. Who hasn't seen an individual with truly bad foundation on their face? They appear as if they are wearing a mask…a mask that has turned into an awful color (that you wouldn't even want to wear on Halloween!). I know that cosmetics can be expensive…however; if there is one cosmetic that YOU SHOULD spend a little extra money on…foundation should be that extra splurge! If you need another reason to justify spending more money on a good foundation then think about this! Foundation has a much longer shelf life than the other cosmetics in your arsenal! A good foundation can last up to two years…that's a long time in make-up world!


Some of the Best!

So what are some of the best foundations and concealers available on the market today!? I'm glad you asked as I have done a little research for you. Below are some of the highest rated foundations and concealers in terms of quality and coverage.

Origins Quick, Hide! Easy Blend Concealer – The Origins cosmetic line is owned by Estee Lauder, a well-known and respected name in the world of cosmetics (that's a good thing!). Quick, Hide! Easy Blend Concealer is the only concealer cosmetic that this company offers. However, with that being said…it is a WONDERFUL product! This concealer contains soothing plant ingredients that won't irritate your skin. Light-weight and fresh, this product provides great coverage without feeling thick, heavy and mask-like. It stays in place through-out the day and does not crease (especially around the eye area). Available in seven different shades (you are sure to find one that matches your skin tone) it is also reasonably priced (around $13.00).

Loreal True Match Roll On Make-Up – A new cosmetic in the world of foundation, this product is applied with a roller (it actually looks like a miniature paint roller). Loreal True Match Roll-On Make-Up is smooth, light and fresh. The roller makes application easy (though a few women said that it does take a little practice in order to become comfortable with the application process). As you probably know, foundation can often streak and go on unevenly. The True Match Roller actually provides 100% even coverage and even contours to your face (think around your nose, chin and cheekbones). Available in over ten true-match colors, True Match by Loreal promises perfectly even color and an ultimate air-brush finish. Though this product received good reviews…it is one that you will have to try for yourself as not everyone will like or be comfortable with the roller application process.


Vincent Longo Water Canvas – Vincent Longo, I must admit, was new to me . However, once I did my research, I found out that this line of cosmetic and skin care products is, in fact, well trusted and well loved by many! Water Canvas Foundation is supremely smooth and light. It appears seamless (which is the look most women are looking for!). This product, is, in fact, Vincent Longo's trademark cosmetic. Best for individuals that have normal to oily skin, this foundation goes on as a cream and then dries as a powder. With over sixteen shades to choose from…I can almost guarantee that you will be able to find on that best suits your skin coloring. Some-what pricey (it will set you back approximately $50…but search online for the best prices), it is worth it! After all, a GOOD foundation can be hard to find!

Laura Mercier Moisturizing Foundation – Laura Mercier's Moisturizing Foundation received wonderful reviews! Another cosmetic line that is not well-known (unless you are REALLY into cosmetics and know your stuff!)…this foundation is light, covers well, and is very refreshing! My wife actually uses this brand of foundation and she swears by it! Though it will cost you at least $40, this foundation leaves your face feeling beautiful (a slightly dewy finish!). Laura Mercier's Moisturizing Foundation comes in seven different shades and is available at fine cosmetic stores and counters. You can also find it online (which is the way to go if you want to get the best price).


So there you have it…four different foundations ranging in price from $13 to $80. Although all of the foundations and concealers that are mentioned above received very good reviews, you will probably figure out (sooner rather than later) that you will need to try several different products until you find the one that is best suited for you. Just as the saying "You will need to kiss a few frogs before finding your prince" applies to men…it applies to foundation as well! Once you find the perfect foundation for you…stick with it as the process of finding a product that you actually like (and is good for your skin) can be quite difficult! Good luck…and here's to beautiful, fresh faces!

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