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The Best Cream and Gel Eyeliners

Updated on July 16, 2014

If you are looking for a new eyeliner you may want to consider a gel or cream eyeliner that is applied with a eyeliner brush. When used correctly gel/cream eyeliner can give a more dramatic or natural look than pencil eyeliner and is easier to control. Many people also report that gel/cream eyeliner lasts longer than pencil eyeliner and is more smudge resistant. Choosing a new eyeliner can be difficult and you may buy many different types only to find one you like. This article will give you a list of the best gel/cream eyeliners so you don't have to waste money doing a trial and error experiment.

Smashbox Jetset Waterproof Eyeliner

Smashbox is a very popular brand of cosmetics for young women. While it is a bit more of an expensive brand it is definitely quality makeup. One of the best gel eyeliners is Smashbox Jetset Waterproof Eyeliner which comes in five colors: Bronze, Dark Brown, Midnight Black, Midnight Purple, and Navy Blue. This eyeliner is applied with an eyeliner brush and has a very gelish, matte appearance. This eyeliner is also smudge/water proof to ensure it lasts all day. This eyeliner retails for $20 a jar however it can be bought online for cheaper.

Physicians Formula Gel Eyeliner

Physicians Formula's Gel Eyeliner is a drugstore product that wears more like a department store brand. These eyeliners are sold in sets of three with colors specifically meant to enhance your natural eye color. The set of eyeliners comes with a brush however it is not the best quality so for best results you should invest in a better brush which you can buy at a store like Ulta or Sephora for around $10. Although you will need to buy your own eyeliner brush for best results these eyeliners are very economical. Each set of eyeliner comes with three colors and will set you back approximately $15.

Mac Fluid Line

Anybody who knows about makeup knows that Mac makeup is at top of the makeup hierarchy. Mac's Fluid line Gel Eyeliner is long lasting and color bold and is surprisingly affordable for carrying the Mac brand. This eyeliner comes in 6 different colors and MAC boasts that it will last all day long. You can find this eyeliner at your local department store at the Mac counter or online.

Stila Smudge Pots

Stila Smudge Pots eyeliner are a cream based eyeliner that is raved about by makeup lovers everywhere. It comes in 6 different neutral colors. This product can be used as either an eyeliner, a base for eyeshadow or simply as eye shadow, so it extremely versatile and will compliment any makeup collection. You can find this product at most department stores or online.


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