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The Best Cure For Keratosis Pilaris aka Chicken Skin

Updated on September 12, 2012

I am a single mom on a very tight budget but I still want beautiful, flawless skin. I just can’t afford all of those expensive products that promise that. Unfortunately, I also have a few skin dilemmas. I have suffered with bumpy, dry skin my entire life. What I have is actually known as Keratosis Pilaris, AKA "Chicken skin". Keratosis Pilaris or KP is caused by clogged follicles and is commonly found on the upper arms, upper thighs and buttocks. Growing up in southern California where we wore shorts and T-shirts most of the year this was problematic for me. I set out in search of a cure. What I discovered is there is NO cure for KP. There is nothing that will make it go away forever. I also learned a large portion of the population has KP (around 40%). It also gets worse in the winter months and in dry climates. I learned that after I moved from balmy, coastal California to Utah, the second driest state in the union.

In my lifelong search for a remedy I have tried everything from expensive lotions like Lac Hydrin, to thick creams, body butters, body scrubs and even tried to remove the bumps like you would try to pop a pimple (which only leaves the skin looking more irritated). Nothing seemed to deliver the results they promised or the bump-free skin I desired. One day I had run out of my more expensive scrubs and, due to my tight budget, decided to concoct my own inexpensive version. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I mixed up a container of salt and olive oil (the salt to exfoliate and the olive oil to moisturize). After a few days of scrubbing daily in the shower with the salty mixture and moisturizing with a thick body cream after my showers (my favorites are Nourishing Body Creams from Victoria's Secret and Olive Body butter from The Body Shop) I was amazed at how much softer my skin felt and how much better it looked. It also cost pennies compared to the scrubs I'd been purchasing.

I have also used it on my boys during the winter months on their knees and elbows and it works wonders! The key to success is consistency. You have to scrub and moisturize daily, but it is so worth it. I will never have that perfectly smooth skin the airbrushed models have, but now it looks so much better. Necessity really is the mother of invention.


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    • profile image

      nilda serrano 

      4 years ago

      I have chicken skin all over my body. What is the most good. Lotion you could recommend me. Please thanks


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