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The Best Electric Toothbrushes

Updated on April 13, 2014

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I love my electric toothbrush! Believe it or not I can not stop talking about my Oral B Electric toothbrush! My Dental Hygenist recommended I purchase the Sonic Care Toothbrush, and promised I would not regret buying one. I popped into Walgreens a few days later, and was checking out the different selection of brushes. I thought to myself well there is a wide range of brushes so when for the Oral B brush. I kid you not every morning I look forward to brushing my teeth. Serious folks I really do! I was talking to my girlfriend the other day, and I told her how I enjoy using my Oral B toothbrush. To my surprise she had been riding the electric toothbrush wagon a long time. I always wondered what was her secret to keeping her teeth so nice, and white. Well, lets face it these days getting your teeth whiten is all the rage. However; I think when you can receive really good results with just a power brush I said save the dental money and go for the brush.

#1 Removes More Plaque

Nowadays electric toothbrushes are becoming more popular as compared to old manual traditional toothbrushes. But there are still many people who don’t know the benefits of electric toothbrush, so they are not considering about it and using ordinary manual toothbrush. Generally an electric toothbrush costs a bit more than a manual one, perhaps that’s the reason why they don’t think about electric toothbrush but honestly let me tell you an electric toothbrush is much better than a manual toothbrush.  Following are the top reasons to choose the electric toothbrush that will reveal the truth how it is good for you!


Several studies have been done on electric toothbrush and manual toothbrush to find the truth which one remove more plaque and now clinically it has been proven that an electric toothbrush remove more plaque as compared to ordinary manual toothbrush;

1. It removes up to 97 % of plaque from that areas where manual toothbrush cannot reach.

2. Electric toothbrush removes plaque 2 time than a manual toothbrush

3. it gives natural whitening to the teeth.

#2 Actually Gets Your Teeth Whiter

Believe it or not using a power toothbrush actually helps to get your teeth whiter.  My Dental Hygenist stated to me, is will help whiten my teeth. Can I tell you I did not whole heartedly believe her.  It really is true, I noticed my teeth looking a litter brighter now than when I first started using my electric toothbrush.  There is another bonus to using an electric toothbrush for people with arthritis in the joints of their hands and other illnesses that make grasping a toothbrush difficult find that an electric brush is easier to maneuver around the mouth and that they do not have to press as hard to get the job done.

oral b eclectric toothbrush
oral b eclectric toothbrush

#3 Helps Reverse Gingivitis

Gingivitis is an inflammation of gums; Gum disease normally targets the sulcus just below the gum line. If not taken care of, it can cause the gum tissue around the teeth to weaken enough for the teeth to actually fall out.   The best way to treat gingivitis is through regular brushing and flossing. Although brushing alone will not completely prevent gum disease, using an electric toothbrush can increase the amount of strokes of the brush across the teeth. The additional strokes remove additional debris and plaque, reducing your chances of developing gingivitis.

Mr. Toothbrush
Mr. Toothbrush


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  • jenniferain profile image

    jenniferain 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

    I am also a very big fan of electric toothbrushes. I bought one for everyone in my family, my kids included. Great invention!

  • SweetiePie profile image

    SweetiePie 7 years ago from Southern California, USA

    I have the sonic care essence toothbrush, and it does an excellent job.

  • Sandyspider profile image

    Sandy Mertens 7 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

    Nice hub on electric toothbrushes.