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Take fifteen Years Off

Updated on December 1, 2012

Hair Cut Works Wonders

How to take years off- hair cut first

I have decided to tell you about how I took several years off of my appearance. I took a good look at myself. I knew I had to do something. This is how I did it.

A hair cut will actually do wonders to taking the years off. If you didn't notice, usually longer, stringy hair can make wrinkles stand out. So first thing is first, get a hair cut that fits you.

The shorter you can go, the better. Some people cannot go toooo short. If your face structure will not allow it, that is okay. Go as short as you feel comfortable with. BTW we are our own best judge at this kind of thing. So whatever you feel is comfortable, go for it.

I got a cut and realized that it took several years off.

Next Dye Your Hair

After becoming an adult, your hair is usually much darker than it used to be. It is a good rule of thumb to make your hair a little lighter. You want it just a little lighter though, if you lighten it up too much it can look unnatural.

About two shades lighter than your current natural hair shade is a good rule of thumb. This will take about five years off of your appearance alone. So get a good dye and work on it.


Lashem Works Wonders

I have done everything. I have shopped looking for the perfect products for my dark circles and crows feet and I actually found something.

As a matter of fact I was so impressed that I am writing about it. I normally do not write about products. I just thought I should since I have never found anything like this before.

You Should Highlight Your Eyes

Do not just let your eyes become dull. If you are using pencils and such, you should stop. You want to be natural. When I had a problem with my eyelashes I looked for products that could actually produce results. I have found one in particular that worked wonders.

I bought another Lashem product called Measurable Difference Lash Gel Serum. I was amazed at what this delivered. When I started using it I had no real clue that I was going to be able to stop using my brow pencils. Not only that, but it took another five year off of my face.

I now have thick lashes as well as nice brows (which I shape), because of this. This adds a nice affect to my eyes. I no longer have to worry about false lashes or pencil.

For Dark Circles 3 in 1 eye Bright

I have had a problem with dark circles for some time now. I came across this as a recommendation from my friend. I am so happy about it that I have decided to tell everyone about it.

I was kind of a skeptic at first. Well, that is because I have not really ran into a product that does anything for my dark circles. I have bought creams here and their. Since I really did not get great results, I ended up using my concealer.

Well, until I found this. I am amazed at how it works. As a matter of fact I no longer have to use concealer This led me to buy a couple of products from the company.

My dark circles have been completely erased and that actually has taken about ten years off of my face.

I suppose when I had on the concealer it actually highlighted my crows feet. I really do know that with a combination of not wearing concealer as well as not having dark circles makes you take 10 years off.

Picture Perfect Anti Wrinkle Cream

This is what it took to REALLY erase the wrinkles. I was so happy to have decided to purchase this. I have seen more expensive creams do allot less.

I decided to purchase this after the eye brightener worked so well. I have seen my crows feet literally start to disappear after two weeks of applying the cream.

I have not had compliments in a while. I have started getting compliments recently by a few of my friends. They even notice the difference.

I am just in awe about how much these really take the years off.

Highlight Your Eyes More

Top this off with some Double Trouble from Lashem. This is some of the best that you can get. YOur lashes have the added benefit here by making them even fuller and darker. This can help you highlight your eyes even more. You would be supervised at the quality here.

I was. This also takes off SEVERAL years.


Please take note that I am not placing links in my site and I do not own Lashem. I just believe in the brand and feel that it works wonders.

My Rating for the entire brand is 1000 stars

5 stars for Lashem


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    • sarclair profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Thank you:)

    • Reynold Jay profile image

      Reynold Jay 

      5 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

      Looks like a great article to me. You could see if anyone at eBay is selling this and then use the eBay link and you might make a tiny bit on the clicks. For me, I may be like you and really don't care if I make any money or not! Well done.


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