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The Best Hair Cutting Scissors for a Salon Look

Updated on March 6, 2013

The best hair cutting scissors are down to the needs of the individual. To give you an idea, I use a pair of 4.5 inch Jaguar scissors. For my needs they fit comfortably in-hand, they're stable with a reliable cutting edge, and I much prefer a shorter blade.

My hands aren't particularly small but my fingers are long and slim, and the for me size and style are the perfect match. That's what anyone needs to think about before they buy a new pair. The longer the blade, the more cutting length they offer, the less balanced they feel and so on.

Most people will happily suit a 5 inch pair. The blade is a reasonable length and they're not so long that you're likely to cut off a little more than just the hair! Featured below are the five best hair scissors. They're all popular, best sellers and good all round quality hair shears.

Tweezerman Spirit 2000 Styling Shears

These are the best hair scissors sold by the Tweezerman brand name. I'm not a huge fan of their hair cutting range of products as I think Tweezerman are better with regular beauty product but - these are a nice entry level pair of scissors and they're well put together overall.

They've got everything that scissors need - a comfortable pair of loops for the fingers, a decent finger rest and the blades pass smoothly when you're cutting. The blades themselves have a good edge, sharp and active and being stainless they'll stand up to a lot of wear and tear. A good pair for the home stylist, and a nice length at 5.5 inches.

Fromm Edge Ahead Tension Shear

This best selling pair of hair scissors come from a company known as ... Edge Ahead. Now I'm not 100% sure as to whether they really do produce hair cutting scissors that come with an edge that's way ahead of their competitors but I can at least say that the blade is well made, honed by hand and you do get a very precise, sharp cutting action.

A 5 inch scissor is a little too long for my liking but I did find the balance with these, and quite easily too. They're also surprisingly lightweight and if anything they feel a little smaller to work with that they really are. They're easy to adjust, in terms of blade tightening, and the bevelled edge does give them added superiority over similar priced hair shears. Nice product, surprisingly good, a recommended buy.

ACME USA 6.5" Hair Cutting Shears / Scissors with an Index Finger Rest & a Tilted Blade

Another best selling pair of hair scissors, this time form the curiously named Acme brand. These are a 6.5 inch pair, they come with a titanium coating that's a vibrant blue color and like the previous product they have an easy adjustable blade tension facility.

The finger loops are a little different, mire towards an ergonomic design and certainly they do accommodate your fingers well enough. The finger rest is positioned right where it needs to be and I like the little rubber buffer that stops the blade heads connecting. The blade edge is wickedly sharp and the action between both is fluid when you've got a cutting rhythm established. I like them. A little different, a little edgy (pardon the pun) and definitely in keeping with a budget pair of scissors in terms of the price tag.

Suvorna Ador 5.5" Professional Barber Razor Edge Hair Cutting Shears / Scissors

We're definitely out budget price territory with this pair. One of the things I like to look for in any kind of hair styling scissors is a good blade. The sharpest blade edge isn't always mutually exclusive with the best, as the type of steel used in the manufacture and the way the blade is honed affect how long the blade will last overall.

For a mid price pair of scissors, these are extremely good. Overall they're nicely balanced and the edge is perfectly set for slide cutting, as the advertising claims. The convex honed edge facilitates a smoother action down the hair shaft and despite the price for these, they're a well designed pair. Great price and more than good enough for the home barber using Japanese steel - always a good option.

DOVO Catch Cut 5 1/2" Hairdressing Shear, stainless steel, with removeable finger rest

These hair scissors come in two other lengths, a 5 and 4 inch pair that are built to the same high standard and design. These are the type that you used to see more often years ago. A design that was simple yet effective, lacking some of the more usual features such as cushioned finger loops and rests.

Still, a lot of hair stylists prefer the old school products and for what they are, these scissors are solid, well made and certainly up to being used on a regular basis. The upper section is gold plated and whilst there isn't a finger rest shown on the image, there is a removable one included in the price. The blades have a serrated edge which is good for thicker hair types and the blades themselves have an edge that's sharp, active and good enough.


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