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Laser -Wax - Shave - Or Thread - Choose the Best Hair Removal Method From This Review

Updated on August 8, 2012

The Best Hair Removal Products Review

The majority of us, men and women have a desire to remove any unslightly, excess body hair, as it can be a cause of embarrassment, especially facial hair for women, who seem to have a greater desire to remove unwanted body hair.

We seek the ultimate hair removal product that will take away those darker strands of unslightly hair in one full swoop. In fact if we could remove every bit of bodily hair we would!

Although laser hair removal treatment has proven to be the most successful in reducing hair re-growth there is really no hair removal product that actually removes hair permanently and forever.

Below we discuss the different types of hair removal products, the best brands and rate them in terms of removing hair effectively.


Shaving is the age old, inexpensive standby. When you notice new growth coming through on your arms and legs it is easy and convenient to whip out the razor blade and shave. But shaving is probably one of the worst ways to remove unwanted hair. Although it is easy and convenient, it does not remove hair permanently and the side effects are not very pleasant. Shaving can cause:

  • Itching and irritation
  • Razor burns
  • Razor bumps
  • In-growing hair and
  • Infections

Plus re-growth tends to be stubbly and the hair returns darker and stronger. The length of time before re-growth is usually 1-2 days for facial hair and 3-4 days for arms and legs.

Depilatories/Hair Removal Cream

Are another inexpensive method, which are creams that are easier and kinder to the skin than shaving. These creams include chemicals whose job it is to dissolve the hair at the skin’s surface. Unless you have particularly sensitive skin, this process of hair removal is much better than shaving as it does not irritate the skin, cause cuts or razor bumps like a razor does. Depilatory hair removal also lasts longer than shaving and the hair does not grow back stronger or darker. The length of time depilatory hair removal lasts is about 2 days.

Top 3 Hair Removal Creams:

  • Veet Hair Removal Gel Cream
  • Nair Hair Remover
  • Sally Hansen Natural Bare Hair Remover


Is a method whereby wax is heated to a tolerable skin temperature, pasted on the skin, and stripped back with paper or cloth strips. Cold waxing can be used as well and may be conveniently executed a home. Hair removal through waxing lasts longer than shaving or depilatories, because it goes deeper than the skin’s surface and removes the hair at the base of the hair follicle. This enables a longer time before hair regrows, around six to eight week. You can also expect to have softer, silkier skin after waxing and the re-growth appears finer. Over a period of time using the waxing method hair re-growth can become sparse to negligible, but it is not a permanent method of hair removal.

Top 3 Waxing Kits

  • Gigi Professional Brazilian Waxing Kit
  • Surgi Wax
  • Moom Hair Removal Kit


Has become very popular in recent years, but it is in fact an ancient method of hair removal practised in Asia and Africa, particularly India. Re-growth after threading takes a long time, usually six weeks; this is because the hair is removed from the base of the hair follicle.

Threading is performed by the cotton thread being entwined in a cross and pulled along the unwanted hair; the cotton twists as is moves trapping the hair in the tiny lasso that forms, which is then lifted out of the follicle.

Threading is an inexpensive method of hair removal and can lead to little or no re-growth over a period of time, say 6 months.


Electrolysis is one of the methods that is near to permanent hair removal. The technique is performed by using a specially charged needle that passes an electric current through the hair follicle. This current kills the hair producing cell and over a period of time and sessions the electrolysis kills the hair producing cells. Electrolysis can be expensive as it takes quite a number of sessions before the hair follicle eventually dies.

Electrolysis hair removal is not suitable for men and women of color as the needle is made to penetrate straight hair shaft and not the curly hair shaft of the African-American. You would be better off with the other methods already discussed or the laser treatment reviewed below.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is considered the most effective and permanent method of hair removal. It is an expensive method that should only be performed by a physician or professional in a salon that is licensed to perform laser hair removal treatments.

Laser hair removal is performed by a laser beam that passes through the hair and kills the follicle, causing permanent hair removal. Laser treatment for some can be painful. It has been likened to an elastic band being pinged against the skin.

It produces the best results when performed on light skin and dark, course hair.

When having laser hair removal treatment you have to be careful that your skin doesn’t get burned by the energy that goes through the beam. Therefore, you should not have a laser treatment within 24 hours of skin tanning, and if you have dark skin you should ensure that one of the newer laser machines (Nd Yag Laser) specifically designed for darker skin is used as such skin types are more susceptible to pigment change.

It takes around 6 to 8 treatments before hair re-growth stops.


No No Hair Removal 8800 Model

Is the newest and much improved hair removal system on the market. The 8800 model replaces the classic original. The initial cost of the 'No No' may be expensive but over the long term it balances out and may be classed as a mid range expense for a hair removal product.

No No removes hair by a buffing device called a thermodynamic wire through which heat is transmitted to the roots of the hair follices. This heat damages the connection between the root of the hair follicle and the bulge which is the part of the hair shaft that stimulates hair growth, thereby reducing the rate of re-growth.


  • Pain Free
  • It is simple and easy to use
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • The No No is small and portable so that you can take it anywhere
  • It is safe to use and does not damage the skin


  • The initial investment may be expensive but over time it is still cheaper than laser treatment which can amount to thousands of dollars
  • Several sessions are required before results are visible (4-6 Treatments)
  • The odour left after a treatment session could take a little getting used to, but this soon disappears and does not follow you. The smell comes from the hair being burned but it is not burning your skin.

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