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The Best Mani-Pedi Ever

Updated on October 13, 2015

The Right One

So, your favorite salon is full and you can't even have the chance to insert yourself in the list and so you have decided to find another store that could cater your needs. One thing is for sure about finding another salon though is that you will be worried whether or not they're gonna exceed your expectation of "heaven on earth" feeling or will you just be wasting your hundred pesos for a bad service coz you end up with so many wounds in almost of your toes. Yes! You read it right and i know you can't imagine yourself in that situation. Me neither


The "heaven on earth" Feeling

My journey started last July when I was about to give birth to my second child. I can't look at my nails coz they're so dirty, ugly and they screwed up. Haha! Seriously they really are. I can't clean them myself because I have a huge belly right in front of me which by the way made me so hard to even bend. To continue, I asked my husband to drive me at a salon of our choice. I like it there though coz they are cheap. The only problem is that their mani-pedi lady is not so young to even have a good eyesight. She still needs her eyeglasses to do the thing which is a little scary on my part- i don't want to get wounded and i don't want a messy mani-pedi but if I am going to rate the lady i'll give her 7 out of 100. You can still settle with her.

On that day they are full and i can't wait till afternoon so I've decided to find another salon. I did find one. The name by the way is DETTIE PANIS and that's when the "heaven on earth" feeling begin.

At that time they only had one customer or I guess that was the owner. So I sat there and the lady started doing my nails and I was like "I'll be back here for sure!". Coz you know what? In that salon, you'll never get the feeling of "hey? what's the hurry?" and "that's it?". I guess the time doesn't matter to them. All they want is to give you proper service and customer satisfaction.

Oh! It's Perfect

When I was done, I didn't had the chance to give tip coz my husband paid for it and I only have my daughter's five peso coin in my pocket.(oh! I'm sorry)

My nails were perfect. The color wasn't messy at all and I didn't have any wounds, etc. It was perfect! So then, I promised myself to be back to know if all of their employees are like the lady who had my nails. Indeed! They really are. They really don't care if your dirty nails would take them a long time before they can finish it. And that's exactly what we want right? We want to be pampered and treated like a celebrity every time we do our nails and DETTIE PANIS can give it to you.


What's the name again?

If you want to be pampered like celebrity, visit Dettie Panis salon and spa. They also have a branch in Tacloban. The one's that I visited was here in Ormoc City. Although they are a bit expensive, but trust me it's really worth it, It's worth every peso in your pocket.

If you want to visit Dettie Panis Salon and Spa here in Ormoc, the address is atRizal St. Ormoc City, Leyte.

The other Branch is in Gaisano Central Mall, Justice Romualdes St. Tacloban City, Leyte. Contact Number:053 325 3148 or you can visit their facebook page

It's Here!

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