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The Best Omega Watches You Should Have

Updated on February 9, 2014

Some History

In 1848 23 year old Louis Brandt started a small company that specialised in the assembly of precision pocket watches in the small Swiss town of La Chaux-de-Fonds. Since then it had grown into a very big brand known worldwide for making rugged, high value and very beautiful precision watches.
The brand is known today as Omega.

The brand in has so much appeal that it has become the choice of very prominent and high caliber individuals from Presidents, Hollywood superstars, powerful businessmen/women, fashion icons, arctic explorers to astronauts in outer space.

Everywhere that man had been you can be rest assured that the Omega watch has been there too. The Omega watch is the first watch on the Moon and it was the officially approved brand by NASA for the Apollo and Gemini space missions and was actually worn by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the famous first ever moonwalk in history.

The Omega watch brand has become one of the most recognized and famous watch brands in the world. It comes in various unique models that will capture the heart and mind of the most discerning watch lover. Below are some of these models:

The Omega Seamaster Professional(James Bonds Watch)

The Omega Seamaster Professional is a trendy, sporty and functional looking watch with features that makes it perfect for deep sea diving and sport activities.
The Omega Seamaster Professional has been exclusively worn by the James Bond character in all the Bond movies released since 1995 till date.

There is even a Seamaster Professional Collection for ladies that are fashionable, upward looking and Professional.
It’s exceptional accuracy makes it more than adequate for timing in sporting events that require split second timing. If you are looking for a very accurate, very fashionable and classy timepiece that you can rely on any time and any day then you should go for the Omega Seamaster Professional.

The Omega SpeedMaster Professional ‘MoonWatch’

This particular edition is one of the few that is favored and certified by astronauts for space expeditions
The first officially certified Speedmaster was worn by astronauts John Yound and Gus Grissom on the Gemini 3 in 1965, and also by the first American to walk in space.

During the famous Apollo missions astronauts going into space wore the Omega Speedmaster Professional, both astronauts on the Apollo II Moon landing mission had their own individual Speedmasters during the mission.
This is why Omega added the appellation ‘Moonwalk’ to the Speedmaster Professional and why they also included the phrase: ‘The first and only watch worn on the moon’:

The Speedmaster Professional has a proven record of accuracy and extreme ruggedness. If you don’t believe it maybe you should ask NASA and their astronauts who still use them for space missions till today.
Even Russian Cosmonauts have their own versions called Omega Flightmasters.

Other Notable Omega Editions

The Omega Constellation and Omega Deville

If you are looking for fashion wristwatches with high quality, these two Omega watch editions are just for you. While the Omega Seamaster and Speedmaster collections have rugged looks and are made to withstand varying degrees of pressure e.g. In space, under water or in arctic conditions, The Omega Constellation and Omega Deville are strictly for fashion purposes.

They will stand out in any public occasion and reveal the wearer to be a person of fine and refined taste. They come in various versions including stainless steel, 18k solid gold and there are even some that are diamond encrusted. They come in distinctive and elegant styles and designs that will blow the mind of the fashion conscious man and woman.

Buying Omega Watches Online-Beware!

There are several online retailers that sell Omega watches but you have to be very careful if you want to buy Omega watches on the Internet. The internet is replete with watch retailers who sell fake/imitation watches for the price of the real stuff, and you may not even know that it is fake until maybe it is too late.

One of the best places to buy authentic luxury Omega watches on the internet is to buy with, and buying on this website does not necessarily mean buying with any of the hundreds of independent retailers on this website.
Take note of the following points:

  • Buy directly from Amazon itself(All the watches in this write up are linked directly with Amazon and not with any of their retailers)
  • guarantees that these Omega watches are genuine and authentic with an guaranty of between 2 to 5 years on Omega watches bought directly from them.
  • Although admits that it is not an authorised dealer of Omega watches (Omega forbids it’s dealers from selling online) will give you their own guaranty in cases where the manufacturers’ guaranty does not apply for the Omega watch. Click Here to read it from their website.
  • If you buy directly from you will save yourself a lot of money because the Omega watches sold on are sold at prices far below that of offline Omega Authorised dealers. That is less money for the same high quality.
  • Omega watches bought on comes with a strong after sales service to repair or change any faulty or defective wristwatches within the bounds of the warranty clause. There is even a money back guaranty if you do not like the Omega watch that you bought and would like to return it.

Keep it in mind that these watches are extremely high quality luxury watches, they do not come cheap but they have strong emotional, material and brand value. They can last for generations where the children and maybe the grandchildren will get to use it.


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    • profile image

      Informed Buyer 4 years ago

      Buy on Ebay.

      You can always get your money back from Paypal or Ebay, so just get it checked and be dillligent and you can reap large savings. If you can't spot/investigate a fake, maybe you shouldn't be buying a luxury watch.