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The Best Way To Wear Womens Black Flat Boots

Updated on January 3, 2013

The Great Black Boot

Wearing a simple flat black boot seems simple enough but somehow looks inappropriate when worn the wrong way. Don't worry you just have to consider the style of clothing your wearing and the type of boot. Here are some suggestions

Women That Want To Look Taller But have the Flat Boot Look

You see if you are tall wearing a flat may not be a problem but if you are short and heels seem inappropriate there are some amazing boots that have an invisible lift inside. This way you can enjoy your extra 2 inches or so and feel appropriate with flat looking boots.

Sketchers and many other companies have a plus 2 or plus 3 boot that has a hidden wedge in the boot giving you and nearly invisable lift.

What Boot Do You Wear With A Dress In The Rain or Cold Weather?

When your dealing with cold wind and rain and you want to look sexy on a date or girls night out wear you sexy dress with you long sexy boots.

Long boots are very versatile and not just meant to wear with jeggings. Be bold and sexy with you long boots, tights and shorts or a sexy skirt or dress.Besides with longer boots you can still use your late spring looks with the ad of your boots.

Equestrian Flat Boots Are The Best Boots For Jeans

The reason why really flat Equestrian (horse riding) type boots are the best for wearing your jeans inside is because they are less fitting and allow you more room for your jeans. The higher boots are more fitting and seem to work better with skinny jeans.Jessica Simpson has a fabulous pair of this style boot!

Uggs Flat Black Boots

Everyone rather loves or hate Uggs boot design but everyone agrees that they are a comfortable and well structured boot. Once you put a pair of these boots are you will wear them with every piece of your wardrobe. I have seen super stars wear these boots with feminine dresses, jean and lounge wear and many of you as well!

Flat Black Suede Boot

The black flat suede boot looks great with jeans, jeggings, colorful tights and a sweater dress or printed sweater dress and solid tights. You will always wear your suede boots in dry weather. Nothings worse than salt from snow ruining your boots or rain ruining the texture of your suede so be careful.

Hopefully you know now how to wear your black flat boots with style. Look at clothing styling magazines to get more ideas and look into your wardrobe to see what outfit is only missing a great pair of boots to bring it back to life!


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