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The Best Way to Get Discount Perfumes

Updated on February 21, 2020

As any fashionista will tell you, a woman is never fully dressed without a chic treat; her signature scent. Now that most everyone is trying to cut back, how is a girl to save by obtaining her favorite perfume, especially a designer brand?

Perfumes can be expensive, especially when one pays full retail. You are not paying only for the ingredients of the perfume, but the packaging, bottle and shipping. And if your favorite perfume is manufactured out of the country, duty fees and additional shipping charges only escalate the cost factor.

Trying to maintain your financial budget doesn't mean you may have to give up your perfume. There are frugal innovative measures now being exposed to take without having you give up your designer perfumes or favorite fragrances.

Politely request a fragrance sample at the cosmetic counter. It is that simple and can hold you over until you are ready to buy a full size or take action with some of the other methods.

Inquire if the cosmetics clerk can sell the open sample tester bottle. By doing so, you will end up paying less than it would have cost for a cheaper brand at full retail.

Look for store promotions of gift baskets. The gift baskets contain your fragrance, as well as potentially other items with a similar scent such as soaps, lotions, powders and essential oils. The baskets may also contain several possible sizes of your perfume. This makes financial sense because all of these products come out to a fraction of what it would cost to buy the items all separately.

The purchase with a purchase is a cost-saving measure to seek out. These promotional gifts can be attained by making a small purchase, in which a bottle of fragrance or perfume is the freebie.

You can find out about any marketing specials by visiting the cosmetic counter, leaving your name, number and/or email address. Ask to be contacted when a new promotion is launched that includes fragrances.

If you head out of the country on holiday, then travel through the duty-free shop at the airport or ferry depot. Tax-free means just that; no duty and that includes expensive foreign fragrance.

Perfumes can be expensive, but there's an easier way to get them.
Perfumes can be expensive, but there's an easier way to get them.

If you recieve a type of perfume you dislike, don't let the package remaining up in your closet. Put the perfume to good use by throwing a trade-off party to resolve the problem. A trade-off party has guests bring their discarded aromas and then trade them among each other.

Venture to yard sales or estate sales. Unwanted unopened bottles of designer fragrances can be had at pennies on the dollar searching these venues.

Online auctions or websites are another great option. Designer perfumes can be purchases for only a fraction of the cost. Know the retail pricing beforehand and use a price comparison search engine to compare prices on numerous websites in one quick click. Look for deals like free shipping to save even more money.

Take care while shopping online. Some sellers may be offering imitation or bogus fragrances while claiming that they are genuine. Make sure you are dealing with a reputable site to avoid any scams or illicit materials being sent.

Any of these tips will help stretch your budget, save some money and hold you over until better financial times. Your favorite aroma is here to stay.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Matthew Shine


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