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The Best at Home Laser Hair Removal Systems for Women and Men Reviews

Updated on November 3, 2015

Looking for a way to not have to shave every day or wax every month? The best at home laser hair removal system for you may depend on your budget, as most of these receive about equal ratings from reviewers. All of these are top selling at home permanent hair removal devices with hundreds of happy users whose reviews now report they have nearly hairless legs, underarms, arms, bikini lines, face, and other areas. While none of these qualify as cheap to buy, they can save you money in the long run because you spend less on razors, waxing, and professional treatments. This savings is because laser removal last much longer than razors and waxing and the device lasts longer than razors and wax products.

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5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Tria Home Laser Hair Removal

Tria Review

The Tria home laser hair removal system has some of the best reviews and highest ratings. The Tria laser has a lock feature designed to protect your skin. Before you can use it, you hold it up to your skin to check your skin tone. It will actually lock and not work if your skin tone is not good for laser removal and more at risk for discoloration. This is a good feature to have to help prevent skin discoloration from the treatments. Over time, you increase the intensity of the laser to see better and faster results. After only 6 sessions over 3 months, hair growth is significantly more sparse in all areas, but especially on the legs.

Tria Laser Hair Removal Video Review

Silk'n SensEpil Review

Silk'n SensEpil was one of the first to hit the market. One of the favorite features by users of this product is that it covers a larger surface area at one time than most others. With this your legs can be done in 20 minutes or less. Users report fewer ingrown hairs than with shaving and most see positive results after only a few treatments. Zaps from this when on the higher settings can hurt however. The biggest downside to the Silk'n SensEpil is that you have to purchase refill cartridges when they run out of pulses. This is an additional $40 to $50 expense every time to need to buy a refill. The advantage is that you can share this unit as each person can have their own cartridge to use.

Remington i-Light Pro Review

The Remington i-Light Pro has 5 energy settings, uses light waves to stop the hair growth in the follicle, and results can last up to 6 months according to the manufacturer. It takes about an hour to treat the legs, bikini line, and underarms getting most of the hair. But doing it this quickly does miss some spots. Don't expect results after the first treatment, but by the third you will notice a different in the amount of hair in the areas you treated.

A downside of this product is that you do have to buy replacement cartridges.


Although all of these products are FDA approved for at home use, with any of these home laser removal products, do read the instructions and watch the instructional videos before using. Improper use can cause pain and may even permanently damage and discolor your skin. They all come with detailed instructions and some even come with a DVD.

Protective Eyewear

These are lasers that you do not want to have shine in your eyes. Use protective eyewear when using an at home laser hair removal system just in case you accidentally flash the light into your eyes.

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Did You Know?

According to the FDA, not all home laser removal devices are FDA approved. The FDA maintains a Medical Device Database you can check to see which ones do have approval.

More Tips for Effective and Less Painful Home Laser Hair Removal

Be patient. You will need several treatments to see a difference.

Some use a numbing cream in the area about 30 minutes before using the laser - this helps with any pain you may have from the laser. It can feel like plucking hairs with tweezers.

It takes time to do a treatment. After 30 to 60 minutes the laser may need to be recharged.

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