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The Bikini Top Trend for 2014

Updated on February 16, 2015

Finding the perfect bathing suit top for your body shape can be difficult. Luckily, The Orchid Boutique is here to help. With the assistance of our fashion experts, we break down the variety of swimwear tops from bandeau to halter tops, padded to underwire bikinis. Think of it like finding the perfect bra, you want to be comfortable, but you also want to incorporate style. The glaring difference though, between a bikini top and a bra is that the bikini top will be seen by everyone, rather than with the bra when it is saved for a select few ;) .

We'll break down the best swimsuit tops for your body type as well as your needs and get you geared up for the 2014 swimwear season. Have a look.....

Balconet Bikini Tops

Balconet swimsuit tops encompass a combination of both the halter top and underwire top creating a perfectly supportive swimsuit. A balconete top has more of a horizontal line going across the top of the bust line. Most of the time, the cups are seamed for an upward boost to give the breasts the look as if corseted. A balconette top can also have a push-up pad as well, to give your girls that extra oomph. Check out some of our favorites from the 2014 collection:

Seafolly Red Hot Goddess

Luli Fama Gold Fringe

Bandeau Bikinis

Bandeau bathing suits are probably one of the most popular styles lately because they are extremely versatile and chic. When you select a bandeau bikini, you eliminate the possibility of visible tan lines around the neckline area. This is why string bikinis are becoming less and less trendy. By simply wearing a bandeau top with your swimwear outfit, you no longer need to adjust your straps under the sun to get a more even tan. Also, many swimsuits with bandeau tops come with removable straps that you can use for support or to simply change your look.

Check out some of our top picks for bandeau swimsuits...

Mar de Rosas Mar de Huichol Bikini

AguaClara Piel One Piece

Halter Bikini Tops

Halter swimsuit tops are great for all types of women but work especially well for women of larger cup sizes as they add extra support. A halter top bikini normally comes with thicker straps than say triangle top styles, which is why they have the added support and hold. Most of the halter bikini tops usually tie at the neck and back, allowing you to adjust your coverage preferences. Our halter swimsuits feature luxurious embellishments like ring detail, bows, sexy prints, and gold hardware.

Check out some of our top picks for halter swimwear....

L*Space Pebble Ruched One Piece

Trina Turk Venice Beach Bikini

Flutter Top Bikini

Flutter swimsuits have an amazing benefit of covering the rib drift, and actually elongating the torso. Flutter tops having gotten increasingly popular as they offer more coverage than the average swimsuit, but still have that sexy and stylish appeal. Designer flutter bikinis such as Maaji Swimwear and Tori Praver swimwear offer couture designs with the right top support you need. Many flutter bikinis come with a shelf bra built in the actual top to add a sporty feel to the silhouette and maximum coverage.

Take a look at our top picks for flutter bikinis....

Tori Praver Gina Storm Bikini

Maaji Swimwear Charming Pirate Bikini

Padded Bikinis

Padded swimsuits combine the variety of top styles out there: halter, balconet, triangle, tanikini, and bandeau. Often, padded swimwear is accompanied by an underwire for extra support and lift for "the ladies". Padded tops can really work for women of all different cup sizes as they help to create the ideal shape and fit. Some extra benefits of having a padded bikini is that it can also be beneficial to assist the fabric to stay in place and actually create additional cleavage. Apart from the many benefits of padded swimsuits, our designers make sure their swimsuit tops are made with just the right amount of padding, mindful of the problematic “spongy” look that hinders a lot of badly made padded bikinis.

Find some of our favorite padded swimsuits here...

AguaClara Amazonia Bikini

PilyQ Raja Bandeau

Sexy Triangle Tops

Triangle top swimsuits are the most common bikini style to date. Triangle tops are essentially triangle shaped swimwear with string or thin straps that tie at the neck and back. Triangle tops continue to lead as the most conventional swimsuit trend because of their comfort, sex appeal, and stylishness.

Triangle tops come in a variety of styles. Check out some of our favorites....

L*Space Zagora Plunge One Piece

Agua Bendita Bendito Orquidea Bikini

Underwire Bathing Suits

Underwire swimsuits have the amazing benefit of lifting up and pushing up the cleavage area for women of all cup sizes. Underwire bikinis are very popular and sexy, and come in bandeau, halter, or balconet style. They provide that extra support that most of us need in a sexy swimsuit. Designer underwire bikinis such as Seafolly Swimwear and Maaji Swimwear offer couture designs with the support you need. Many underwire bikinis come with padded underwire to add roundness and adequate fit.

Shop our favorite underwire bathing suits here...

Mara Hoffman Shakti Underwire Bikini

L*Space Marquise Demi


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