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The Body Shop GROUPON!! Get $45 worth for $20

Updated on June 13, 2012

Srawberry Body Butter

The Body Shop

The Body Shop is offering a fabulous GROUPON (group coupon) worth $45 dollars but you will only pay $20, the group will include candles, body sprays, lotions body butter, bubble bath, shower gel and so much more. The coupon offer can be used up until may 30th to redeem the full $45 dollars, but you can use the group on until August 27th but then it will only be worth $40 dollars. So if you cant find time during the week for this amazing offer, you will still be able to get your $45 worths up until Saturday. Also if your stuck at the office all day buy online the whole website is buy 3 get 2 free also.

The Body shop is one of my favorite stores so if your not familiar with the popular Body Shop, i have some great recommendations for you. My first recommendation is the ever so admired Body Butter, its my top favorite body shop buy. These thick and rich butters are made of a mixture of coco butter and Shea butter mixed with invigorating fruit oils. These butters are creamy and goes on your skin smooth, and the amazing scents last for a very long time keeping you smelling eatable for that special loved one. They have an arrangement of different fragrances, sweet lemon, strawberry, which is my all time favorite, coconut, satsuma and Japanese blossom, just to name a few. THe body butters range in price depending on size, $20 to $25 dollars

Peppermint Foot Spray

My second recommendation is the peppermint foot cooling spray. After a long day at work or a hectic work out at the gym, treat yourself and refresh and revive your hot tired feet instantly with the cooling deodorizing peppermint, keep it in the fridge so it will always be cool and tingly with every use. Its great for all skin types and can also be conbined with the peppermint cooling pumice foot scrub to get rid of dead skin that may have built up around your feet. Also top your feet off with the peppermint cooling lotion. The peppermint foot spray is priced at $10, the cooling gel, lotion and scrub are priced at $14.

My third recommendation is there refreshing body spray mist, they just don't make you smell good, they also moisturize and help soften skin, leaving it feeling subtly with sweet warm spicy fragrances. The body sprays are buy 2 get 1 free, or buy 3 and get 2 free (must have five items). Another great item for the household is the aloe and soft body room and linen spritz. Spray this wonderful mist into your curtains, sofa's and chairs to freshen up your home, they have pomegranate and raspberry, mandarin and tangelo, vanilla and lime blossom and also green tea and lemon, these tantalizing fresheners are only 10$. With Mothers Day around the corner the groupons can also be used on gift sets, there are also many products for men as well, so enjoy your groupon, I hope these recommendations were helpful.


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    • cherrycrime26 profile image

      January Moon 6 years ago from NY, Now Living in Atlanta Ga

      @Azure0434 It really is :)

    • profile image

      azure0434 6 years ago

      It's really a great deal!