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The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Facial Wash

Updated on December 16, 2011

I love The Body Shop and have been a fan of its Tea Tree Oil facial wash running on over a decade now. Of all the facial washes I’ve tried, it’s perfectomundo for my skin that tends not to know whether it’s coming or going. I have oily skin, you see. (Thanks Mum. Thanks Dad. Love ya).

I actually remember the first time the wash came to my rescue. I’d just finished a dance class. The room I’d been happily shaking my ass in had no windows and the air conditioning wasn’t much to write home about. When I came out of the class, my face was ON FIRE. Felt like ants were doing the running man on it. I should have known, really, because it wasn’t the first time it had happened. My face is kinda picky like that. I’d always get rashes on my face the day after a dance class.

A friend had recommended Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil facial wash, so I bought one just to try it out, a bit cynical that it probably wouldn’t work. I loved to dance and really wanted to nip the constant facial irritation in the bud. So, that day, immediately after the class was over, I rushed to the changing rooms with my angry skin and applied the wash. I actually couldn’t believe it, but the moment I did, the irritation began to ebb away. I think it was the combination of the cold water and the minty feel of the tea tree oil; my face cooled right down and felt tingly and fresh all over. It felt guuuuuud. Have you ever watched one of those cartoons where the character’s butt’s burning and he dips his ass in water? Remember the look of relief on his face? Well, that’s how I felt and looked!


The main ingredient in Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil facial wash is, erm, tea tree oil! It's what makes the facial look green. Apart from the colour-attributing factor, tea tree oil is an essential oil that plays a role in nipping spots and blemishes in the bud. Not only that, the oil is what makes the skin feel real minty, tingly and soothed as well as giving it that refreshing menthol smell.

Another key ingredient in the facial wash is Allantoin. It too is a skin soother. Vegetable glycerine is in there as well – it gives the skin a moisturised non-greasy feeling. I can vouch for glycerine as my mum mixes it into her body creams. It definitely has that silky-yet-no-grease feeling.


Well the 250ml bottle costs around $11 (or £4.50 if you're in the UK) and it does last a good good while. The last one I bought was 4 months ago and there’s about a quarter of it left. You really don’t need that much per wash as it’s quite foamy which is why it lasts a while.

So, yes, I think it’s fab value for money. I, for one, do not plan on using any other facial wash. I’ve found what works for me. Not only is it mad affordable, but it lasts longer than some celebrity marriages I can think of!




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  • Mizz Eb. profile image

    Mizz Eb. 8 years ago from UK

    Are you serious? Wow!

  • Daniel Maldonado profile image

    Daniel Maldonado 8 years ago from Los Angeles, Ca

    Did you know that Tea Tree is so important to Australia's economy that tea tree farmers are actually exempt from military duty.