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Louis Vuitton Branding “Most Copied Trademark”

Updated on January 22, 2016

I am sharing this as I am a Louis Vuitton product owner. I also care about keeping the brand sacred. I bought my LV travel bag about 8 years ago and have a LV men’s logo wallet and LV logo belt. I love the style and the quality of all the products I own. As brands are becoming more valuable Louis Vuitton leads the pack. It is a timeless brand and shows in all its product lines. Always remind yourself that anything too pricey or too economical can be a fake. Always remember Louis Vuitton (/ˈluːiː vwiːˈtɒn/ loo-ee-vwee-ton; French, or shortened to LV. Back in 1997, Louis Vuitton made Marc Jacobs its Artistic Director. We all know where Marc Jacobs is now with his career. All I can say is 1997 was a very good year.

If in all your travel’s you start to look at all Louis Vuitton products for being real or a fake. Louis Vuitton is a classic house. Sales are wildly successful globally. Always research and determine the characteristics of a real one. I read recently that over 90% are fakes on the market. Ask yourself if every design you currently own was fake how you would feel? It cheapens the market and only hurts yourself by putting on a fake face. It’s better to save and own the real product than to buy a cheap looking fake.

1) Know all about the brand official LV Monogram and placement: The Louis Vuitton brand has been in production since 1854! They have a style like no other it is classic, and the quality- phenomenal. I have been to an exhibition and seen one hand made. It is the traditional monogram that is so popular today with its beginnings leading back to 1896. The monogram itself can give clues as to authenticity. Louis Vuitton is very careful about the way that the monogram is placed on any piece. The actual LV monogram is usually (with the exception of a few vintage pieces) symmetrical from side to side in all monogram styles. So in your travels as you spot fakes know, that you are only hurting the market but yourself by buying a LV knockoff fake. I always believe if you can’t afford an original save or buy a used product. The LV is the most copied and faked trade market anywhere. Sure they are not cheap, but yyou must also know that Louis Vuitton never marks down prices. Never ever do they. All discounted Louis Vuitton items found on the Web are highly suspicious and most likely fakes. All Louis Vuitton products men’s and women’s are exclusively sold in Louis Vuitton stores. Although many Louis Vuitton bags are very similar, no two designs are exactly alike. You need to remember this is because they are all handmade. Research the lining, feet, and base, as well as all other details, the particular style your bag should have. You need to inspect the whole product. Much like when buying a car. Check the official Louis Vuitton website or stop in your nearest boutique. Do not buy any Louis Vuitton products from street.vendors, the company does not permit street vendors to carry their merchandise. In large cities around the world you always see them cheap. Know this fact, the signature Monogram Canvas was created to prevent counterfeiting 2004, Louis Vuitton fakes accounted for 18% of counterfeit accessories seized in the European Union. Louis Vuitton now operates in 50 countries with more than 460 stores worldwide.

2) Carefully examine all Louis Vuitton Belts-The easiest way to learn if your men’s or women’s belt is real or fake, is to see where it was made. The authentic LV belts are only made in Spain, not what one might think in “France”. They were never made in France, unless it was from the early 80's or 90's, and even then, sometimes they were produced inside the USA. I truly suggest that you just pay retail at a Louis Vuitton store if that is the belt you are in the market for. Then you know exactly what your purchasing. It is that simple.

3) Carefully examine the stitching on all Louis Vuitton Products: Louis Vuitton has since its beginning been very careful with its stitching. Stitching should be very even, clean to the eye and regular. The same number of stitches will be found in similar locations on similar bags... for example the leather tab that the handle attaches onto on any size monogram Speedy bag will always have 5 regular, even stitches across the top.

4) Always examine for the age of your Louis Vuitton product: While vintage pieces follow most of the rules discussed earlier, there are definite differences in vintage pieces. For example, all French Company pieces vary slightly... so if you are looking at a French Company Vintage Vuitton piece, it may differ a bit for instance, some pieces do not always have 5 stitches across the top, do not have upside down LVs on one side, and do not have Louis Vuitton embossed in the hardware. These are all very easy to spot.

5) Always inspect for the Louis Vuitton made in Spain? It is true that authentic Louis Vuitton is made in France, now for over 25 years, Louis Vuitton has also produced bags in the USA, Spain, Germany and Italy. It is not true that a Louis Vuitton bag has to be marked "Made in France" to be authentic.

6) What about all those "Upside Down LVs"? The reason for this is that Louis Vuitton uses one continuous piece of leather that wraps around from the front to back, without a seam on the bottom, and so then the backside has upside down logos. Most of the monogram pieces (a piece with a separate piece of canvas or leather on the bottom) will have the LVs right-side up on both sides. When buying a trademark monogrammed bag, make sure the letters are always clearly printed in gold with brown lines through the LV. Avoid solid colored monograms or monograms with a green tint they are fakes.

7) Know the Louis Vuitton Fonts well: Louis Vuitton uses a very specific font. In the last few years I’ve noticed that a few counterfeiters have begun to do a better job at knocking it off. Be very careful, the current LV fonts will all look like and have very round "O"s.

8) Always remember to inspect the Louis Vuitton interior lining. Knock-offs use cheap plastic or suede to line their bags. Depending on the specific design, a real LV bag is lined with a variety of textiles, such as canvas, fine micro monogram textile, cross-grain leather, polyester, or classic microfiber suede. Always look in store at the lining and LV design. The counterfeiters are becoming better but always remember all LV products are especially handmade and still hold the most exclusive materials. A knockoff of any designer is never the same as an original.

9) Be aware that fake Louis Vuitton bags have plastic wrapped around the handles. The oxidizing natural cowhide leather that LV uses does not need a protective plastic, and bags that come with that plastic are fake knockoffs.

10) Inspect close all Louis Vuitton clasps or other hardware. Legitimate bags use brass or gold metal, but fakes use plastic with a layer of gold paint. Also look for zippers with the "LV" logo imprinted on the pull.

11) Remember to check all Louis Vuitton bags for the date code. The majority of LV bags made after the early 1980s have a production code stamped on the bag. Since the 1990s, the code now includes two letters followed by four numbers. Before the 1990s, the code was a one or two letter code followed by three or four numbers. Some were also made with simple three number codes. The counterfeiters can come close to replicating but will never be able to copy the LV brand like any product sold in Louis Vuitton stores.

By following all that I have provided above, you are now educated on purchasing a Louis Vuitton product. Always remember that Louis Vuitton is no ordinary product, it is one built on craft and heritage” Truly all Louis Vuitton products rock. Keep calm, shop smart and enjoy the Louis Vuitton experience.

Always Inspect


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