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Free People - An Urban Outfitters Brand for the Free Spirited Woman

Updated on August 28, 2014

Free People is a branch of Urban Outfitters (like Anthropologie), I often like to think of it like Urban Outfitters' artsy, bohemian younger sister. Free People was actually the original brand of Urban Outfitters, but has recently been resurrected to become the beautiful brand it has to day. Feminine and versatile, Free People has clothes for nearly every woman.

The Free People Image

Free People is at its core feminine and free, it has clothes for every woman, whether you're a tom-boy, a party girl, or a bohemian flower child. Featuring mostly muted naturals and jewel tones, and every fabric under the sun, Free People is all about mixing up colors and textures to create that perfect, unique look just for you. It isn't gaudy or overstated, but makes a statement with its unique, beauty, it wows people without being over the top. The Free People image is just that, free, when you look at it you get a sense of free spirit, intelligence, and beauty.

The Free People Girls

Free People personifies its styles with girls that represent the type of person each style is made for. It makes the clothes even more relatable for the average girl who classifies herself in one of these roles (The Party Girl, the Bohemian, The Tom Boy, The Girly Girl, etc.), but even if you don't qualify yourself in those roles and don't relate to the Free People Girls, there are so many styles within the Free People brand, it's hard not to find something perfect for you.


Ginger is the Free People party girl, fitted clothes, short skirts, sparkles, jewel tones are associated with Ginger.


Meadow is the Free People bohemian, she is associated with flowy clothes, bellbottoms, long skirts, flowers, and funky prints.


Molly is the vintage girl, 1950s cuts and prints, hats, and everything retro and vintage are associated with Molly.


Lou is the Free People tomboy. She is associated with boyish clothes, new wave, naturals, blocky prints, pants, and shorts.


Candy is the free People girly girl. Pretty and lacy, super girly, sparkly, frilly, and fun, Candy is the sweet, cute face of the girliest of the girly in Free People.

Free People

If you think that you might like Free People clothes, or think you're a free people girl, don't take my word for it, check out their website and see for yourself!


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