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The Bronze Goddess Eyeshadow and Face Palette From Icing Review

Updated on April 7, 2015

Hi Loves! I went on vacation a couple weeks ago and ended up stopping in an Icing store at the mall to see what was new. I found this cute little palette that was called: The Bronze Goddess Eyeshadow and Face Palette. I decided because I was on vacation to splurge on some new makeup and I grabbed it up plus a foundation brush and flask (but that is a different store, I was in Vegas after all). I wanted to share what my thoughts on this palette were. So if you wanted to get this palette and haven't yet, stick around so I can tell you exactly what I think about it!


I just wanted to state that I did pay for this item, it was not given to me for a review. I also do not know anyone that works or owns Icing and in no way was I paid to give this review that I am about to give. This is just a personal opinion on what I bought and think of this product.

Goddess Palette

Sorry picture is after using daily for the last month!
Sorry picture is after using daily for the last month!

The Claim and A Little Information

This palette claims that it is all you need to get your wonderful summer glow. It comes with three different bronzers. A darker bronzer, a pinkish bronzer, and lastly a lighter bronzer. It also comes with four eye shadow wheels with three in each. So that is twelve eye shadows. They are all shimmery neutral colors. A couple of them are pinkish also. Also it comes with a couple little brushes. Alright so this palette was 16.50, which isn't a bad price and at the moment they have a deal buy one cosmetic product and get another one half off.

The Review

So as I said before there are twelve eye shadows that are in this palette. I find that I don't tend to reach for these eye shadows at all. I think they look pretty, but the pinks are not as pigmented and I have a lot of browns that I already love to use. So really there is not a big reason for me to have the twelve eye shadows. I will most likely use them for my freelance kit because I do think they would make a nice neutral look for a wedding or night out.

I do find the packaging really cute. I am not one for gold but for some reason I found this so appealing. I like the anchor and shapes in the bronzers I think it makes it a little more personal. I however think the brushes are cheap and I have no use for them. the brush that is for the bronzer is small and I don't see anyone actually using it. Most girls have brushes though, so I don't think this is a big deal to anyone. A lot of companies put a cheap little brush in their kits just for an extra personal touch. However, very quickly, if you do not own brushes for contouring and blush can I advise that you do pick these up, they are a must for makeup. The little applicators that come with makeup really do no justice to real brushes. That was just some friendly extra advice.

The bronzers were really the only reason I got this palette. I don't know how many of you have gone into an Icing store, they are normally in the malls. They have these bright lights because they specialize in jewelry and I think bright lights make rhinestones and crystal shine amazingly and Icing owners must know this. So anyway, I was browsing the store when I can to the cosmetics. And this palette when you see it the store, is to die for. Really, the bronzers are so beautiful in the store it is not even funny. I fell in love with the pinkish bronzer right away and I had to have it. When I got it home my lights didn't make it as beautiful, but I will say that it was still lovely. I love how smooth and easy it is to use these bronzers and they are extremely pigmented. I do love how they look when I am contouring and I can tell these will be perfect for summer. You basically have the lightest one for the beginning, the pinkish one for daytime, and the darker bronzer for the end of summer when you have soaked up much more sun.

I would suggest getting the foundation brush as well with these, it makes it so much easier to contour. I love it as well! I honestly have used this palette everyday since buying it and the nice thing is that its not overly bold. You can pull of a light contour or if you are feeling like a bold contour that is possible with this palette as well.

I will have a close up and swatches down below so that you guys can check out the colors for yourselves and see what you think about them! Like I said the eye shadows are not that pigmented so you do have to build them up to make them a little more noticeable. I think the gold colors would look really awesome in a smoky look.

So this picture is the very first wheel in the palette. Not my favorite, of course but the white highlighter color is very pretty on. I'm not sure I would use the third and last swatch for myself, but I might try it out some day you never know it might be really pretty in a natural look.

This is the second wheel in the palette and honestly my least favorite. I don't know if all the palettes will be like this one, but if they are, these three eye shadows are hard to build up any color. I definitely would not use these for too much. Maybe a light highlight or a touch of color, but from the looks of it, they would not last long at all.

This is the third wheel in the palette, and my favorite. I tend to go for peachy and pink colors. Every once in a while I do something else that is crazy. Just look at my instagram and you will know what I'm talking about, but these colors are perfect for everyday wear. Like I said, they are light but I feel like they could be built up easily special if you were to wear a primer before you put on these colors.

This is the last wheel on the palette. I'm not too big into gold, but when I was testing these colors today I realized how pretty these colors are and I'm thinking I will have to make a look with these as well. They look so beautiful on my hand, I don't think it is possible for them to look bad. I think these colors would be amazing on brown eyes.

Last but certainly not least, I have the bronzers. Starting with the darkest bronze, the pink bronze, and then the lighter bronze, which I have used the most because it is not summer yet here. I am still pretty pale, but like I said it is really easy to make a light look with these bronzers. Also I must say these would be perfect for a makeup artist because you never know how dark of a bronzer you are going to need. I think that if you are very pale and do not tan easily you can still get away with wearing the first two bronzers.

Have you tried this palette? Do you love it or hate it?

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If you would like me to try a beauty product or have any questions, feel free to contact me at: if you would like me to try a makeup look or anything like that you can also send me an email there! Check me out on Facebook:

Also check me out on instagram for makeup ideas: make.up_love


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