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The Celebrity Endorsements Of Pony Shoes

Updated on March 20, 2011

Pony Shoes: One Of The World's Greatest Shoe Brands

The Pony shoes brand is recognized worldwide primarily due to heavy promotion by professional athletes, including Pete Rose, Lenny Dykstra and Dan Marino. Pony shoes have also gained popularity from being worn by rock bands like Limp Bizkit, Staind and Korn. Jonathan Davis, the lead singer of Korn, had signature Pony shoes designed for him to wear while performing on stage.

Pony Shoes Offers Both Street & Athletic Footwear

The American company called Pony International, also known as just Pony, is a leading manufacturer apparel and footwear. When it was first founded back in 1972, Pony shoes was only known for making athletic footwear. The company didn't expand until later to offer sports apparel, and more recently has begun producing street foot wear.

The Darryl Dawkins Pony Shoe
The Darryl Dawkins Pony Shoe

Due to this expansion, Pony shoes has recently teamed up with Snoop Dogg, who launched his line of clothing, shoes and accessories, called Doggybiscuitz, in 2005. Even more recently, Pony shoes has revealed a line of cleats just for NFL star Randy Moss. These endorsements of Pony shoes have helped significantly increase the brand's popularity.

In the 1990s Pony shoes designed many football kits for teams, including Mexico's Club Santos Laguna, Chile's Colo colo, Southampton FC, Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United, among many others.

Some of the other celebrity wearers of Pony shoes have included George Foreman, Red Auerbach, Hank Aaron, Lawrence Taylor, Earl Campbell, Earl "The Pearl" Monroe, Darryl Dawkins, Tracy Austin, Willis Reed, Reggie Jackson, David "Sky Walker" Thompson, Franco Harris, Mary Lou Retton, and the Super Bowl Champion Oakland Raiders.

Men's Pony Topstar Shoe
Men's Pony Topstar Shoe

Pony Shoes: The Summit Of Footwear

Pony shoes have climbed to the summit of internationally famous footwear such as LAMB shoes, Report shoes, clogs shoes, MIA shoes, K1X(Kickz) shoes, Dexter shoes, and Air Force One shoes. Air Force Ones especially have a very powerful market presence in the global shoe universe as befits their origin: the top brand Nike. This type of shoe quality is most definitely not available at the price level of wholesale flip flops!

Men's Pony shoes and women's Pony shoes are equally renowned as ponies shoes are not just for everyday wear such as Pony casual shoes but also for specific sporting utilizations such as in the Pony tennis shoes and Pony basketball shoes, indeed the entire spectrum of Pony athletic shoes! When considering either mens Pony shoes or womens Pony shoes it's hard to go wrong when you choose Pony shoes, men and women love them!

Women's Mary Jane Pony Shoe
Women's Mary Jane Pony Shoe

Pony Shoes Had Both Pele & Muhammed Ali At The Same Time

 An unmistakeable sports world icon, Pony and its well known chevron logo is one of the 50 most recognized brands on Earth. Pony can clearly boast that they are the only shoe corporation on the planet to ever have not one but two of the sports world's most amazing legendary figures, Pele and Muhammed Ali as celebrity endorsers at the same time.

Due to their huge gain in popularity, easily recognized brand, style and comfort, Pony shoes are most certainly one of the top brands in the world.

Airbrushing Pony Shoes

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