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The Chic Class Of Mens Cufflinks

Updated on March 20, 2011

Mens Cufflinks Are Not Just Indulgence!

Not too long ago mens cufflinks were a necessity for every man's wardrobe, but these days mens cufflinks can only be considered an indulgent accessory for most people. That is a shame as mens cufflinks lend an air of sophistication and luxury to any man's wardrobe.

Mens cufflinks are a decorative fastener that connect the two sides of a shirt cuff, and they are a stylish alternative to buttons. One end of the cufflink is sized to go through the button hole of the shirt cuff. The attractive end is placed on the more noticeable side of the cuff. Both ends are held together by a solid bar or fine chain link.

Mens Cufflinks Are A Formal Wear Necessity

Diamond solitaires can make for enchanting and expensive mens cufflinks: This set is $2,000!
Diamond solitaires can make for enchanting and expensive mens cufflinks: This set is $2,000!

Cufflinks are made from a variety of materials, making them ever more popular as an elegant jewelry accessory for men. Some of the materials utilized in the crafting of a fine set of mens cufflinks include wood, fabric, silver or gold.

Cufflinks are great if you want to dress up your formal wear. For a well put-together look, choose mens cufflinks that match your shirt and tie. If you've never worn mens cufflinks before, the looseness of your sleeve may feel strange at first, but the discomfort is a small price to pay for being so stylish.

The variety of mens cufflinks is infinite!
The variety of mens cufflinks is infinite!

From Diamond To Silver: Mens Cufflinks Fit Any Budget

Although the cuff link is an important fashion accessory for North American men who find that their wardrobe is not complete without a tasteful set of cufflinks, UK and European men consider a set of gold cufflinks or vintage cufflinks even more important and indispensable than their counterparts on the other side of the pond!

Mens gold cufflinks have a profound appeal to a man's sense of style and taste that can not be matched by anything else, especially when the man is considering a set of mens designer cufflinks or even better, a set of mens diamond cufflinks!

However, cufflinks for men do not have to be budget busters. There are a variety of men cufflinks which are relatively economical. Every major bricks and mortar retail store and online web site etailer which sells the mens cufflink will have a large and reasonably priced selection of mens silver cufflinks.

Vintage and antique mens cufflinks can be extremely rare collectors' items.
Vintage and antique mens cufflinks can be extremely rare collectors' items.

Tips On Wearing Mens Cufflinks

Tips on how to wear mens cufflinks:

  • Mens cufflinks are meant to be worn with a shirt that has French cuffs. Three varieties of cuffs include round corner, angle cut or plain.
  • From the outside of the cuff, insert the swivel post through the button holes. Turn the swivel post so that it is perpendicular to the button hole in order to secure the cufflink. You want the adorned side of the link on the more visible part of the cuff so others can easily see it.
  • Button style cufflinks are usually linked by a short chain and show decorative designs on both sides of the sleeve.
  • Mens cufflinks with a snap clip are put through both sides of the button hole and are attached in between.
  • Another option is to use silk knot cufflinks. These usually consist of woven silk knotted at each end to hold the cuffs in place. They are a widely accepted alternative to metal cufflinks.
  • In general, your cufflinks ought to match the color of any other accessories you choose to wear. They should also be appropriate for the social event which you plan to attend.

Mens Cufflinks Are An Integral Part Of Every Man's Wardrobe!

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