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Diamond Supply Co. vs OBEY Clothing

Updated on June 19, 2013

The Two Brands

Diamond Supply Company and Obey have been around longer than they have been popular over the past few years. The recent explosion of Diamond Supply and Obey snapback hats and t-shirts flying off the shelves of skate shops across America has got us wondering which brand is winning the urban war between these two brands. With everyone rocking their favorite brands out and about in the streets, its hard to tell which of these two brands are actually winning the battle, so we're gonna put products up against each other in a battle to the death. In the end, its all just an opinion, cause both these two company's are producing some of the hottest clothing and accessories this decade.


Walk around anywhere here in Southern California and not only will you notice a slew of snapbacks, but you will notice that most of them either have an OBEY logo or a Diamond Supply logo on them. Seeing the two brands being represented by the majority of teens and young adults here, presents the question of; Which one is better? Which snapback would you rather throw on before heading out for a skate session, or a date with a cool chick? We would have to say that Diamond Supply Co. takes the cake in this case of the better snapback. Personally, we just like their choice of colors more. We like their more subtle, simple, and casual approach. They lean more towards darker colors like navy blue, dark grey, and burgundy. Leaving just a hint of brightness here and there, to bring everything together. OBEY, on the other hand, prefers brighter colors. Sure they have their simple black & red, or black & grey. But you'll find more orange, yellow, and brighter reds or blues. Good job Diamond Supply Co.


The great mind of artists Shepard Fairey will always ensure us that every season there will be some cool t-shirts coming from OBEY. At the same time, the guys over at Diamond Supply know their culture, and clientele. You will never be disappointed from either side when it's time to drop a new season of tees. But of course there's that question again, which would you prefer? OBEY comes out victorious after losing the first round. They just simply have a bigger selection of t-shirts to choose from. Yes, we give our props to Diamond for bringing it every season, but OBEY just brings more of it. Not only more choices, but more meaning also. The majority of their shirts will express an idea that came straight from the mind of Mr. Fairey. Diamond will also provide some controversy and meaning to their shirts, but OBEY seems like their the better opponent at this specific skill. Round 2, OBEY!


Now here is one category where we think one brand completely dominates. And that brand is Diamond Supply Co. Their sweaters, and hoods are actually one of our favorite aspects of the brand. Famous for their crew necks, they always find a way to come up with a simple design that will end up being seen over and over again. Who can forget their Sade (Diamond Life) crew necks that were released around 2007? Or for the newer heads how about the Diamond smoke ring, or the Diamond Player crew neck? These and a number of others are the very reason we give round 3 to Diamond Supply Co for their hoods and sweatshirts. Diamond takes round 3 making it 2-1. Uh oh!


With the first two categories being really close, the last two are completely opposite. As Diamond completely dominated sweaters, OBEY completely dominates tanks. We feel like OBEY just pays more attention to their line of tanks than Diamond does. They have built a good reputation around their tanks. If someone wants a cool tank to wear out in this california heat, they will most likely go looking for an OBEY tank as opposed to Diamond. Their selection is much more broad. If you're looking for the more simpler look, then Diamond would be a good choice. But watch out because you might see more people wearing that same Diamond tank top, than the same OBEY tank top. round 4 goes to OBEY. Who will take the last and final round?


So by now you get the point that the two brands have succeeded in the clothing department. But what about accessories. If you're going to rock a nice t-shirt or tank top, then why not pick up a cool belt or keychain. All skate brands should have a nice selection of accessories to go along with apparel. But I don't think every brand feels the same. Unfortunately, we have to put OBEY along with the list of brands that don't really focus on accessories. On the other hand Diamond does not disappoint. They take pride in their huge selection of belts, key chains, backpacks, wallets, and jewelry. Congratulations Diamond Supply Co, you take round 5 and hold the title as the better brand! Of course these are jut our opinions over at Stix Ride Shop because both brands definitely get our props. But we want to hear from you, so vote and let us know your opinion.


Obey or Diamond?

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