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5 Things Women Love About Vintage Style Swimwear

Updated on November 20, 2016
Retro swimwear loves all sizes
Retro swimwear loves all sizes | Source
Vintage Swimwear Image with CC 2.0 License
Vintage Swimwear Image with CC 2.0 License | Source

Vintage Swimwear Comeback

Summer brings new hope for women who are not so confident baring their bodies in the beach with the comeback of the retro swimwear. The style brings a retro feel as swimsuit designers opt for something that provides more coverage and women love it! There is a design for every shape and size so the choices are endless.

Judging from the evolution of the bikinis through the years, it seems that movement is towards making them as tiny as possible. It makes one cringe at the thought that one day there will be no garment left anymore. More coverage brought by the vintage styles is really something that women celebrate

Not surprisingly, women of all shapes and sizes welcome these new development. Interestingly, it has given them a much wider choice and gives them more leeway to hide little flaws particularly in the midsection area. Of course, the designers are coming up with all kinds of pretty designs to suit every woman's discriminating taste. Even those who are not partial to wearing a swim wear will now think twice with the myriad of designs available right now.

More choices

A wide array of choices are available in different cuts and materials. One may opt for stretch material which is targeted to control and shape the midsection, while some will help minimize not-so-shapely rears. Truly, the comeback of the retro-style swimsuits gives women more freedom and a further boost of confidence to strut their stuff on the beach without having to worry much about real or imagined physical flaws.

Why retro swimsuits are best for women of all shapes

Here are a few more hot reasons why retro swimsuits are perfect for women of all sizes:

1. Maximum coverage

Not only does the retro design cover up almost all of the midsection, it still flatters women's shape by properly hugging on the hips and the waist. In short, it works both ways, all for the benefit of women. This is perfect for both thin and plus size women. In real life, women will always have issues about their bodies no matter what their sizes are. Those who are thin want to gain more weight while those on the heavier side will always aim to shed some. It is good that the vintage swimwear is able to address women's concerns about their bodies in a subtle way.

2. Spot on solution to all sizes

Most women are concerned with showing off their midsection, because unlike supermodels and athletes, real women find it hard to maintain flat and toned abs . However, this should not stop anyone from enjoying and having a good time on the beach. These high-waisted retro numbers definitely save the day.

3. It's age-neutral

This means that women from young to old can basically rock this style. Younger women may have no issues wearing any kind of style but for women who have given birth certain bodily changes makes it tricky to wear a swimsuit and be confident about it at the same time.

Post-pregnancy weight, added pounds and so many other body issues are just some of the challenges that women face after raising a family. Staying fit and looking good might actually become a non-priority. All of these can contribute to doubts about whether wearing a swimwear is the way to go when a cover-up or a T-shirt is an option. No need for these excuses now, because a high-waist bikini is the best cover up a woman can have.


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4. Great designs

Since it is becoming a trend, many designers are jumping in on the bandwagon which is great because women can have a wide array of choices of designs and patterns. Great vintage style swimwear are now offered by Victoria's Secret, Neiman Marcus, MagicSuit, Guess and so many other designers are following suit.

5. Its spawned similar other vintage swimsuit trends

With this comeback, even one-peice swimsuits, boy short styled beach wear are all making a trend and what is so wonderful about this is the coverage and choice they offer to all women. Even cover-ons have caught on the craze. Great designs are being churned out to match vintage swimwear so any woman can look great even if she chooses to put on a beach cover up.

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