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The Costs Of Liposuction

Updated on February 6, 2013

What Are The Costs Of Liposuction?

The costs of liposuction vary depending of many militating factors. First and foremost, the cost will depend on the patient. Where the patient lives, or wants the procedure to be done will play an integral role in the cost as liposuction costs are typically higher in the northeast and west coasts than southern and central states. The size of the patient and the number of areas the patient would like to treat, other health issues that might effect the health risks are also factors to consider.

The next factor that affects the prices are what a patient needs before the surgery. The patient might have to take various tests to determine the safety of the surgery, and as a result, the number of tests, laboratory fees, and pre-op fees also are some of the fees to consider. When trying to get an estimate for a liposuction procedure, make sure you consider and research every detail to know exactly how much the surgery will cost you.

Next, it's best to have a clear understanding of every different liposuction technique and the costs associated with it. Today, a patient has many different options to choose from. Keep in mind that depending on the length of the surgery and the number of targeted areas will dramatically change costs of each technique, so do not choose one technique only based on a simple comparison. When dealing with only one problem area, for example, especially when the problem area is not of a considerable size, tumescent liposuction would probably be the most price effective.

On the other hand, if many problem areas, that are not great in size, are considered for surgery a vaser or laser liposuction might be a better way to go. A super wet technique might be advisable when one or two areas that are greater in consideration for surgery.

Liposuction Nurse

Other Costs To Take Into Account

Your surgeon's experience can also play a role in the cost of your surgery. A more experienced surgeon, or a higher reputed surgeon might charge a higher fee than a surgeon with less experience or a worse reputation. Yet, it's not advisable to consider a cheaper surgeon only to save some money. Take your time and read different testimonies about your surgeon, consult few different surgeons, and consider their area of expertise before deciding on your surgeon. In fact, a cheaper, less reputable surgeon might cost you more as you might have to pay for a second surgery to correct the mistakes he made, or have awful scars that you will have to pay another plastic surgeon to fix for you.

Facility and anesthesia fees are next to consider for they play a key roll on the average cost of a liposuction procedure. A private hospital or practice might charge higher fees, as well as a more reputable anesthesiologist. The thing to know about facility and anesthesia fees are that they charge per hour. While a surgeon's fee might range between $2000 to $4000, the anesthesia fee and the facility fees could be between $1200-$1500. Make sure you consult your physician carefully to have an accurate estimate of the time you'll be in the operation room to be able to estimate the price of your surgery. Beware of surgeons that seem unwilling to enclose every associated cost with your surgery and/or if they cannot be completely candid and honest about the health risks and pre-op and post-op costs that you might accrue.

Liposuction Surgery

Post Operation Costs And Conclusion

Post-op costs for liposuction are usually low as most people are able to leave the hospital after the surgery but this is not the case for everybody. Knowing the risk level involved for your personal health level, and any possible complications can help you be prepared for any extra post-op and recovery costs.

The cost of liposuction could be the deciding factor for whether you'll have a procedure done or not, but you shouldn't let it be the only factor. If liposuction can improve your health, you might be able to have your health insurance pay for all, or part of your liposuction. Ask your doctor to emphasize the health benefits the surgery will have for you. Different facilities, also, offer many different payment plans. Make sure you make an informed decision.


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