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The DHC Q10 Skin care line of products

Updated on July 8, 2010

Review of a product line

DHC is a Japanese company that markets beauty and health products. One of the features of this company is that it sends out small samples of the products for consumers to try before buying. I received four samples--cleanser, moisturizer, eye cream and toner in the mail and that is how I began using this line of products.

The company's most popular product is a facial cleanser made from olive oil. They have a number of products made from olive oil and olive leaf. There are other plant based products as well. The products are promoted as being gentle to the skin, made from natural products and effective for sensitive skin, breakouts, redness and other specific problems.

I have been using the Q10 skin care products for about six months. This line consists of Olive oil cleanser; Olive Soap, which is made from olive leaf; Q10 Lotion, which is a toner; Q10 milk, which is a lightweight lotion for day use and Q10 cream which is a heavier product for night time use. These products are intended for twice daily use.

The products contain ingredients like aloe and willow, and except for the soap, they all contain coenzyme Q10 which is supposed to remove free radicals which damage the skin. This is supposed to help reverse the effects of sun damage and firm mature skin. The cream is supposed to reduce lines and wrinkles by increasing moisture.

The products have little or no odor and are safe for sensitive skin. They make the skin feel moist and soft rather than tight or dry. However, there is a firming effect. Q10 is supposed to be a protective against sun damage but it should not take the place of sunscreen or sunblock. The products leave the face with a slight sheen, especially after applying sunscreen. If you don't like the shiny face look, they have a product called Velvet Skin Coat that will give your face more of a matte look.

I have found that these products do clean and moisturize the skin effectively without harshness or irritation. I have recently had problems with sensitive skin and had to completely change my skin care regimen. That is why I tried these products. Other products I had tried were causing rashes and redness and even sent me to the dermatologist in one case. But I have not had any problem with this line of products. They do give some firming and smoothing to mature skin. They make the skin feel very soft. The cream comes in a somewhat small jar and has to be used sparingly but the other products in the line are generously sized. These products are a little more expensive than products you will find in the drugstore but the company has rotating sales of different products in the line. They also have some incentives to save money and encourage referral as well as continued business.

I would recommend this line of products, especially for someone with sensitive or maturing skin, or someone with special skin care needs.  You can find them at


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    • bjspivey-rivers profile image

      bjspivey-rivers 5 years ago

      Thanks for the feedback. I will look into this product.

    • profile image

      SamanthaJade 5 years ago

      My skin is combination to oily and as I have gotten older I have some dryness issues also. I have been using Made from Earth's Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum for about 4 weeks. I love how it keeps my skin hydrated all day!

      My skin also looks better than ever. I was using the La Mer (very expensive) which was doing a very good job for me, but I wanted something that worked very well without costing a small fortune. This is it. I am thrilled with the results.

    • bjspivey-rivers profile image

      bjspivey-rivers 7 years ago

      Thanks for the encouragement. I will take a look at your blog as well.

    • Terrylee5151 profile image

      Terrylee5151 7 years ago from Pennsylvania

      You did a great job with this post!!!

      I promote natural or organic products on my blog. I also promote herbs, supplements, teas, etc.

      Check out my profile for the url. Thanks Terry