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The Dos & Don'ts of Dressing - A Gentleman's guide to dressing !

Updated on September 20, 2014
Formal Dress !
Formal Dress ! | Source

Someone once said 'its not what you spend but how you wear it that counts' ! I wonder what they'd say if they ever saw many of us wearing some of the most atrociously mismatched of things that we wear & then have the temerity of calling it fashion or how I've seen many a teenagers coming to their first job interviews in their favorite football team's shirt & still wonder why they never got the job.

I'm writing this hub to share with you the many dos & don'ts of dressing up for a gentleman !

No matter if hes a teenager or someone in his early 40s, a gentleman never lets his trousers slip below his waist & no its not cool, its just plain lazy & ill-dressed. A gentleman does not expose his underwear in public for he understands fully that an underwear is meant to remain under the other layers of clothing.

In the summers or in warmer countries, a gentleman always remembers to wear an undershirt. Sweat marks are neither hygienic nor remotely attractive.

A gentleman's trousers must neither be so long that they touch the ground nor so short that his socks show when he stands. They must be just the right length.

Whenever a gentleman wears a double breasted suit, he never leaves the buttons unbuttoned. Additionally when a gentleman wears a vest he leaves the bottom most button unbuttoned.

A gentleman knows that a belt is as much a part of one's formal attire as a tie is; therefore he makes a point of wearing a well maintained belt & never leaves his belt loops showing.

A gentleman realizes that well polished shoes exude both discipline & self-worth & therefore he makes a point to polish them before wearing them every time or visits a shoe-shine stand but never leaves them scuffed.

A gentleman never wears the same clothes two days in a row. He realizes that common sense & hygiene demand that fresh & clean clothes should be worn every day.

A gentleman's trousers are always cuffed, except for those he uses for casual wear.

A gentleman's trousers never have creases ironed into them.

A gentleman appreciates how import a good quality cologne is to his overall dressing & he therefore invests a reasonable amount of money to buy one. A gentleman knows that a cologne is not a substitute for deodorant or taking a bath for that matter. A gentleman is very conscious of the fact that a cologne is supposed be pleasant surprise for those who come into close physical contact with him & therefore it must not be strong enough to cause any comment about it.

A gentleman's socks always complement his trousers or his tie but not his shirt.

A gentleman may own caps & maybe fond of wearing them but he realizes that it must not be worn in public buildings, offices or in waiting rooms. A gentleman must never wear outlandish caps or hats & be a source of amusement to others for above all a gentleman is most concerned about keeping his dignity intact.

I found these tips interesting & remarkable in that how many of us don't pay much attention to these little details & the amount of difference they do end up making.

I hope you'd like them too, ciao !


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