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The Easiest BodyWave in History

Updated on July 28, 2011

Before and After

Before | Source
After | Source

An easy way to add waves to straight hair

Unfortunately, my family has not been blessed with curly or wavy hair. We have the straightest hair one could possibly have. There have been mornings I stood in front of the mirror for 30 minutes curling my hair only to have the curls fall out by the time I hit the front door. To get our hair to even bend is a major accomplishment!

My youngest daughter has the same hair - board straight. In order to give her some curly locks I have spent many a night braiding her hair to give her waves that will last most of the day. She kept asking for a perm but besides the price at the salon - I'm not sure I could roll her hair correctly. And if you've ever had a frizzy perm its likely from the hair not being rolled properly - so that thought was definitely out!

One morning though I had an epiphany! We had just un-braided her hair and she had the most beautiful waves. I thought - hmmm-- If her hair will wave after braiding it I bet if I put a perm solution on her braided hair the waves would stay!

I went to the drug store and bought a home perm for $12.95 and proceeded to experiment on my child's hair. 40 minutes later - waves that stayed! HA!! It worked.

All the years of women (myself included) who sat in a chair for hours to get their hair rolled and permed and it only took one lazy, cheap housewife to figure out an easier way to perm.

Now let me say - there are no big loopy curls. This is a wave - adds some movement and body to her hair but no actual curls. That's OK for us though - it looks exactly like it does when you un-braid your hair after several hours and that is the look we were going for. So - success!

How To -

As I've said this is the easiest home perm you can imagine. There are some things to keep in mind though -

  • Follow directions on box for preparing hair and times. Hair must be damp when permed so it needs to be fairly wet when braiding.
  • When braiding wet hair it can tend to become bunched - use a comb to help keep the hair as straight and free of tangles as possible.
  • A detangling comb is best used on wet hair - do not use conditioner on hair before perm (see box directions). I bought the comb at the dollar store. Cheap and great for wet heads.
  • Make sure you get the entire braid saturated thru with perm and neutralizer solution.
  • Rinse very well to get all solutions out of braids.
  • The box says to unroll a strand of hair to check for curl - do at your own discretion. I did not un-braid to check for curls as I felt it would be too difficult to get the braid back in original position.

That's it! Have fun!


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    • profile image

      Erika 5 years ago

      I am a hairstylist. Please be sure to read the instructions like she said. All the perms I have used are not to be used on wet hair. Her perm must have been different, so always double check! Also, don't worry about unbraiding to check the curl. Some people's hair takes curl way faster than others, and if you leave it on longer than that, your hair could get fried. Unbraiding slightly will not compromise the look of the curl at all since the perm solution makes hair 'moldable.' It will just take on the new shape. The neutralizer is more important because it will 'freeze' the molded hair into place. Hope I added some extra knowledge for you!

    • profile image

      manda 6 years ago

      i was wondering if it was possible. that's awesome, how does it look when its dried?


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