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Short vs. Long Hair

Updated on February 22, 2018
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Madison is a stay-at-home mom and a freelance writer. She received her B.A. in English from BYU-Idaho and she enjoys crafting and baking.

"What Do I Do with My Hair?"

One of the most difficult decisions or at least most thought about decisions in a girl’s life is whether or not to cut her hair. Keep it long? Keep it short? Cut it off? Grow it out? The main question is essentially the same, “what am I going to do with my hair? Do I want it long or short?” Actually, this is a question that follows you into adult life so getting to know how you feel about the subject can be helpful for all ages. The following are some lists, facts, quotes, just some basic information that might help you make your decision when you are trying to decide what to do with your hair:

In This Article

1. Short Hair Pros

2. Short Hair Cons

3. Long Hair Pros

4. Long Hair Cons

Short vs. long hair
Short vs. long hair | Source

Short Hair Pros:

Here are just a few of the pros that come with having short hair:

  1. Quick Style
  2. Color
  3. Options (extensions)
  4. Stylish
  5. Look Taller

Let's take a closer look at these pros:

Short Hairstyle
Short Hairstyle | Source

Quick Style

Styling short hair is fast, its easy, and it's usually pretty fun because it is not a long tiring process. Wanna curl you short hair? use a flat iron and give a few pieces a twirl and you're done! need to blow dry your short hair? It will be completely dry in much less time than if you were drying a mop of long locks.

Also, you won't need as much product to style your short hair as you would with long hair. And if you decide to curl your short hair the bouncy curls are going to last longer because they don't have much weight straightening them out throughout the day.

Short Hairstyles

Classic Bob
Classic Pixie
Layered and short
Side parted wavy bob
Spiked Pixie
Shoulder length with bangs
Bob with Side bangs
Wavy pixie
layered with bangs
Angled bob
Layered pixie
deep parted


Coloring your hair is a much easier and shorter process when you have a short head of hair. Shorter hair means less hair you have to color and that means less time spent in the bathroom or at the salon getting highlights or a full color change.

Short Hairstyle
Short Hairstyle | Source
Creative Commons
Creative Commons | Source


Short hair actually still gives you a lot of hair styling options. Even though you do not have long hair, you always have the option of adding extensions so you have the opportunity to go short or long on a whim whenever you want when you have short hair. Go short on Monday, long on Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday then wrap up the weekend with another short due in no time at all.

Look Taller

Shorter hairstyles can actually make you look even taller, you can view this as a good thing if you are a shorter girl and want to appear a little taller.


Short hair is stylish all by itself, you don't even have to style it much in order for a shorter style to look good.

Short Hair Cons

Here are just a few of the cons that come with having short hair:

  1. Upkeep
  2. Look Taller
  3. Looking for a Guy

Let's take a closer look at these cons:


The upkeep of short hair is a bit of a con because you have to go to the salon a lot more often in order to keep your hair in style.

Hair Salon
Hair Salon | Source

Look Taller

If you are already a taller girl then having a short hairstyle might make you look even taller. Depending on what you are going for and how you want to look this could be a good or a bad thing.

In my case, I have short hair right now and I am fairly tall, but I don't mind looking taller than I am because my husband is taller than me.

What the Guys Think

Looking for a Guy

My husband is a bit old fashioned, he LOVES long hair on me and he is convinced that most guys are like him and that they prefer girls with longer hair. If you are looking for a man that is just one opinion to keep in mind. I am of the mindset that guys like a confident woman and it doesn't matter as much how short or long her hair may be. Here is a video I found that supports that opinion.

Long Hair
Long Hair | Source

Long Hair Pros

Here are just a few long hair pros that we will be discussing:

  • Styling Options
  • Fast Styling Options
  • No Drying

Styling Options

For some reason the internet is just chock full of styling options for those who sport longer hair. If you have long locks then you simply need to go to Google or Pinterest in order to find a fun/interesting/new hairstyle.

Long Hair
Long Hair | Source

Fast Styling Options

Need to do your hair quick and get on the road? You ladies with long locks have a couple different options for a fast hair style. Messy bun, high ponytail, low pony tail, messy side braid, the options are limitless! Except of course to do some sort of short due - for that you have to cut your hair.

No Drying

With short hair, you have to blow dry it in order to really do anything with it (of course that doesn't take very long with short hair but still). But with long hair, this isn't the healthiest thing to do, after shampooing and conditioning your hair you can step out of the shower and simply sweep that hair into a bun. And when you decide to take it down it will probably be wavy and or curly without the stress and work of using a curling iron.

Long Hair
Long Hair | Source

Long Hair Cons

Long Hair Cons:

  • Expensive/Time Consuming
  • Common Look
  • Tangles
  • Split Ends

Let's take a look at some of these long hair cons

Expensive/Time Consuming

Want to get your long luscious locks colored? or highlighted? or permed? The longer your hair the more expensive and time consuming each and everyone of those activities is going to be.

You will also use up more shampoo and conditioner per hair wash, which could become a little more expensive. Drying your long hair could take an hour or more depending on how long and how thick your hair may be. Even styling your long mane could take inexorable amounts of time.

Long Hair
Long Hair | Source

Common Look

Whether or not you like it, long hair is a more common look for women. If you really want to stand out and you have long hair, you are going to have to work extra-hard to make sure it is styled in a pretty/interesting/unique way in order to get any attention.

Long Hair
Long Hair | Source


Sure, long hair is super pretty to look at and many men say they like women with long hair so that they can run their fingers through it. But lets face it, most of the time your long hair will be so tangled in knots that no one is going to want to run their fingers through it.

If you have a tender head, long hair might not be your friend because you are going to spend some time and a bit of pain yanking out those tangles. You won't be smiling like this girl to the right!

Split Ends

Unless you cut the end yourself or you get to the salon a lot more often than most people do, you are going to suffer from the split ends that always accompany long hair.

If you are proud of your long hair you are more likely to put your hair up on a pedestal in your mind and you fight for every inch which means it is hard to let the hair stylist cut anything off, but if you want to look like your hair is alive, vibrant, and stylish you have to trim the split ends.

What do you like better?

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You Decide

Now that you have seen some of what I believe to be the pros and cons of long hair vs. short hair it is your turn to decide what you like better and what hairstyle you are going to go with. Personally, I like going back and forth and right now I have short hair and I am loving it!

© 2015 Maddi


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