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The Evolution of Women

Updated on March 5, 2011

The Changing Female

It is no secret that women are fickle when it comes to fashion. One day we like this, the next day we think it looks terrible and start to wear something else and the cycle continues. I was having a think about fashion cycles and how things come and go such as leggings and shoulder pads and I got more into thinking about the ways in which women have grown in their fashion. It appears that over time, women have chosen to wear less and less. What is it that makes us want to roam around without anything on?

In my pondering on the issue I had a realisation that we weren’t always clothed, way back in the days of early man (and woman), women roamed around with hardly anything to cover themselves, (maybe a fig leaf?) but particularly in hotter regions as is still the practice within some areas of the globe today. So, as the cycle went, we were out socializing scantily clad probably for quite some time until we eventually learnt how to make decent clothes or felt the need, socially, to wear them. Over the centuries we gradually put more and more clothes on until it became a part of our culture for a woman to always be covered up in public places. Think back to images of the Virgin Mary who wore swathes of fabric, that was the norm in her society but the Christians of today rarely follow that tradition. As time went by, women remained covered. In the days of Queen Victoria in the 1800’s, even the legs of tables had to have coverings! It was all a bit bizarre.

But then, something strange happened, where fashions were changing by the century they then started to change by the decade and every decade in the 1900’s has its own style. Certain styles of clothing are referred to as 60’s, 70’s or 80’s etc and the clothes that women wore were reduced decade by decade. We are now at the time where many women will happily walk down a busy high street wearing a see through blouse with nothing underneath, in clubs, we see women who appear as properly clothed ladies during the day but by night, they roam around in nothing but their underwear or some equivalent. There is definitely a fascination with wanting to be less and less clothed; but maybe it could be better keeping a little back for the imagination.

Whatever is best, men will always like to see a woman who is only half dressed, and the problem is that we women will endeavor to please his eyes. The question that I find the most intriguing is, if we have come near to the end of this cycle, what comes next?


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    • FranyaBlue profile image

      Jacqueline 8 years ago from London, England

      Thanks for reading it. Think on!

    • profile image

      trose 8 years ago

      Very insightful. True beauty is deep within us and can shine through our character and integrity, not necessarily what we wear. Very thought provoking thoughts you present here!