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The Face Diet - A 3 Day Diet For a Natural Facelift and Beautiful Skin

Updated on January 24, 2013


Don't spend a fortune on harsh creams and chemical procedures!

Thankfully effective wrinkle removal is not just limited to people who can afford to spend a lot of money.

What I am about to share with you is a wrinkle reduction secret that will reduce wrinkles, and take 10 years off your face.

I vouch for it in full confidence, because I use it.

If you truly desire to have younger looking appearance that you will be proud to show off, and have others ask you if you have had plastic surgery then I strongly urge you to read everything on the following page carefully.

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The 3-day face diet is perfect for those who need to prepare for an important event such as a special date or a wedding and want to look their best. This 3-day diet will give you a clear, beautiful, supple skin and it is not difficult to follow as it is only for three days.

Dr. Perricone's second book, "The Perricone Prescription" also contains a 28-day facelift diet plan, but some people find that difficult to follow and prefer to go for the 3-day plan. The 3-day face lift diet is also a perfect way to kick off the 28-day plan.

The facelift diet consists of eating mostly salmon for the duration of three days. Dr. Perricone suggests Wild Alaskan salmon as it is rich in essential fatty acids, or EFAs which will help diminish wrinkles or puffiness. Berries are an important part in the diet, being a tremendous source of antioxidants, and an optimal food to eat for health in general.


Chose one breakfast for each of the three days.

Half a cup of rolled oats with water and plenty of berries.

A 3-egg omelet with spinach

A serving of 4-6 oz of grilled salmon. (Smoked salmon or Lox are not advised due to their high-salt content).

A 2-inch slicee of cantaloupe or half a cup of mixed berries.


Lunch can any of the following for the three days.

A 4-6 oz. portion of flame-grilled salmon with lemon juice and a small amount of optional mayonnaise.

2 to 3 cups of green salad with extra virgin olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice to taste.

1 kiwifruit, cantaloupe or berries (as for breakfast).

Afternoon Snack

Choose one afternoon snack each day from the following.

1 large apple

6 oz. Yogurt

One 2-oz. piece of turkey breast, a small handful of walnuts or almonds.


Dinner should be any of the following for each of the three days.

A serving of 4-6 oz. salmon with green salad as for lunch.

Half a cup of steamed vegetables. Optimally asparagus, broccoli or spinach. (Root vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots, parsnips, or beets are NOT permitted on the Perricone facelift  diet).

Cantaloupe with mixed berries.

Before Bedtime Snack

Choose any snack each day from the following:

1 pear or an apple

2-oz. slice of turkey or chicken breast

6-oz. plain yogurt

A small portion of walnuts, hazelnuts or almonds. During the facelift diet you should drink at least 12-oz. of spring water or 12-oz green tea at each meal.

The 3-day face diet will not only improve your skin tone and diminish wrinkles; a nice side effect is you will additionally lose weight. Vegetarians can follow the diet by replacing the salmon for tofu.


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