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The Fashionista's Packing Lament

Updated on April 8, 2016

'Twas the night before my flight

And all through the house

I searched high and low

But couldn't find my blouse.

The yellow one, labeled

"Emilio Pucci"

The one piece that matches my

Bag made by Gucci


I'll be gone for two days,

That means six pairs of shoes

Five pairs to walk in

And, of course, Jimmy Choos

Jimmy Choos


A little black dress,

My Missoni bikini

Three cashmere sweaters

And a gown by Cassini

Mossini Bokini

A Burberry raincoat

Some Chanel perfume

My Hermes silk scarf

What? Wait! No more room?

That cannot be true

I've just started packing

And followed instructions

For rolling and stacking

Without bare essentials

How will I make it?

Two whole days at a spa

I may as well just go naked!


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