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The Fine Art of Style and Fashion

Updated on October 22, 2015
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John Huynh is a writer from Melbourne Australia. He graduated from business school at Victoria University with majors in information systems


This article will go into the fine art of style and fashion for men. Some of the items covered in this article will include the items that enhance a man’s style and attractiveness just to name a few. Another important and vital aspect that will be covered is going into the fine details and style of fashion, the art of jewellery and accessories. Men generally base style and fashion more on function and occasion, while women will base style and fashion on mood, occasion, outfit, season and trends. This will be an overview of some of the more important aspects of style and fashion in general and cover the more important aspects of style and fashion for men.


Men wear shoes based on functionality and occasion, while women wear shoes based on their mood, style and outfit or even season. Women see shoes as a vital part of their style and fashion if not one of the most important aspect to style and fashion. That’s probably why women own so many pair of shoes. Women will secretly judge a man based on his shoes if they have nothing else to judge him. His shoes will size him up by their condition, quality and type of shoe.

While shoes is something which doesn’t come very natural to men, it is probably the most important thing, which men pay very little attention to. Some men see shoes as something a bit girly and only wear shoes that feel comfortable and fit, nothing more nothing less. Shoes can speak volumes about a person such as how much care they put into themselves, their style, personality even how much money they like to spend. Shoes are the one thing which tells a lot about a person, especially the condition of their shoes.

The condition of a person’s shoes often make a big impression about them, for example, if a young man wears damaged runners that look old and scruffy he probably doesn’t take good care of himself. The same holds true if you wear old and scruffy shirts, you probably don’t pay much attention to detail.

A person’s shoes and their condition can give an overall impression on that person’s presentation, whether that person has attention to detail and care in his or her life in general.

Women may own many pair of shoes probably more than most men and there is nothing sexier than a pair of killer high heels. For men, it’s a pair of shiny oxfords, Chelsea boots or a mean pair of tassel loafers.

Shoes are an important part of style and fashion because they cover our feet and there is nothing worse than wearing a black suit with a pair of white runners. Also, there is nothing worse than wearing brown shoes with a black belt, it’s like wearing black shoes with white socks; it’s wrong.

Shoes can also make a big fashion statement, they can tell you about a person and their style at a glance. For instance, if a man is wearing a pair of tassel loafers and polka dot socks he probably makes a good lover. If a woman wears a pair of killer high heels she probably has a very good sense of style.


Hats are also something of great importance when it comes to style and fashion. Hats often represent power and the type of role you have such as a bowler hat, for example. In the early 1900s people in London working in finance and banking would wear bowler hats including the former officers of the Queen’s Guard. Today, hats are a fashion icon and they are very popular at the races, especially with women. Hats are used to make a fashion statement, the most famous one is the fedora hat. The fedora hat was originally designed for women, but over the centuries it became so popular even men started wearing fedora hats. For example, Humphrey Bogart, Indiana Jones and First lady Jaqueline Kennedy all wore fedora hats. The fedora hat also has a little brother, the trilby. The trilby hat has become one of the most popular hat throughout history with gangsters, celebrities and United States President John F Kennedy wearing a trilby.


The Jacket is something also very important when it comes to style and fashion for men. Jackets are one of the more important aspect to style and fashion for men during winter because the jacket will tell a story about us. Sports jackets and suit jackets are some of the best jackets to wear even on a weekend or out on a date. For something a bit fancier, a velvet jacket takes jackets to a whole new level. Whether it’s a trench coat, pea coat or duffle jacket the classic jacket such as the trench coat and suit is the best item to have in your wardrobe. Other jackets which also look great for men include overcoats, leather jackets, bomber jackets and 4 pocket parker. Winter colours to look out for in jackets for men include navy, black, grey, charcoal, tobacco and dark green. Summer colours to keep an eye out for in jackets include white, beige, light blue and light greys. They key to getting a good jacket is fit, fabric and colour.


The watch is something common to most men. Watches are not just a timepiece, but they also make a fashion statement in many ways. A watch is not just a watch, it is also an item which can be used to spice up your style depending on your outfit. Watches such as a rose gold Longines is an elegant timepiece which simply never goes out of style. Another timepiece which survived the test of time is the Rolex Submariner, a classic gentleman’s watch. Not only do they tell the time, but they also give others a glimpse into a person’s style and personality. A watch can make a big and bold statement. Some people like big fat watches; some people like slim and small watches; some like clunky watches, for example. The watch is a powerful style and fashion item for both men and women in general, it can speak volumes. A watch is a must have fashion item for men because the watch that you put on your wrist can say a lot about you.


Jewellery is another important item for style and fashion, it can give the individual an unfair advantage over others in many ways. For example, wearing something as simple as a ring on a finger or even a bracelet can give your style an extra kick and make your style quiet tasteful. It can portray a certain type of style or image in a person and this is very useful with creating your own unique style. Jewellery is one of things if done correctly can really spice up your style in many different ways. Something as simple as a white gold ring or a gold bracelet can make your style look like it’s high on steroids. Another stylish piece of jewellery to have is a necklace. This can be made of gold, white gold, sterling silver, stainless steel or even copper and leather. Necklaces work well for both men and women and accessories can be added, such as jade, horn, precious stone, diamonds and symbols just to name a few.

Cufflinks, Collarlinks and Lapel pins

Cufflinks are also another form of jewellery on clothing which men can use to their advantage. For example, cufflinks made from mother of pearl, precious stone, bone or materials can make an outfit look well dressed and sharp. Some cufflinks come in bullet shapes, circles, and gold plated cufflinks and also in different symbols.

Another piece of accessory which is quiet new are collarlinks, similar to cufflinks, but for your collar. This is a relatively new kind of accessory which is similar to cufflinks, but made for the collar of a shirt to replace buttons. Lapel pins are also another kind of accessory which can be used to spice up your style and fashion for your clothing, for example. Some people are part of the armed forces and wear aviator wings, jump wings or cross rifles, and others may have society badges or organisation lapel pins. Lapel pins are designed to show people which service or society you belong to and the role you have in the service or society.

Pocket Squares

A pocket square is something which can really spice up your style to give a unique look that’s different to many others. Pocket squares can add a little flare to your outfit and give you that extra kick in style. Pocket squares come in different colours, patterns and different shapes and sizes, and are made from different fabrics. One fabric to look out for with pocket squares is silk or anything with a mixture of silk fabric. Pocket squares make a good substitute for a tie or can simply complement a tie with a suit or blazer, for example. To spice things up a little, different coloured ties and pocket squares can add a little bit of flavour to your suit jacket. These are just some of the things to be mindful of when spicing up your suit.


A bag is a must have for men, there is no exception to this. There is nothing worse than having a pocket stuffed full of goods and items, it looks ugly. Whether it’s a backpack or a laptop bag, bags are a must for business and causal. Some of the bags popular for men include:

Laptop/notebook bags




Duffel bags

School bags


Ties are a good item for business shirts and suits. Ties come in all sorts of colours, patterns and fabrics including different regimental stripes. Different coloured ties portray a different type of feel and emotion, ties are also made from different fabrics such as wool, silk, cotton, polyester and a different mixture of fabrics. Striped ties and ties with colourful patterns also look good with designer suits, including blazers and sports jackets. Some societies and armed services have their own ties; some companies also have their own ties and having a nice tie will set you apart from the rest. There is power in the tie!


Socks can really spice up your style with the different patterns and colours, you can mix and match different coloured socks with your trousers and shoes. Some socks come in different colours with symbols and shapes, others come in different colours and different patterns. Black and grey socks go well with black shoes and black trousers, while brown shocks go well with brown shoes. Some things to keep in mind with socks is to never wear white socks with black shoes and black socks with white shoes. This is like wearing brown shoes with black belts and black shoes with brown belts. It is wrong. There’s a saying “a guy who can pull off a sock-and-shoe outfit makes a good lover.” So men, go and pull off the sock-and-shoe outfit and you will get a lot of attention from the ladies.


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© 2015 John Huynh


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    • Michaela Osiecki profile image

      Michaela 2 years ago from USA

      As a women, I don't even own a pair of high heels and I would never judge a man based on his shoes, sometimes we can only afford comfort and function and that goes for ALL genders.