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The FitFlop Autumn-Winter Collection 2012

Updated on October 4, 2012

New FitFlop Styles For Autumn Winter 2012

FitFlop has always been well known for their sandals - and the fact that the shoes in the FitFlop range look nothing like toning shoes. Whilst the sandals are best known, FitFlop has expanded its range to include a variety of different styles - and again, most of these don't look anything like toning shoes.

There are sneakers, clogs, boots and even slippers available - which is great. Although the sandals are cool, gorgeous and chic, they really aren't suitable for the winter months when the weather is cooler. Getting toned with FitFlops is great, but freezing your feet in winter in a pair of flip flop type sandals isn't really the most practical option.

As previously mentioned, one of the big deals about the shoes in the FitFlop range is the fact that they don't look like toning shoes. The new autumn-winter collection for 2012 contains a variety of different styles which continue this theme, and which will be a very welcome addition to many women's winter wardrobe this year.

FitFlop Autumn Winter Collection 2012

FitFlop Due Ballerina Flats

The fact that FitFlop shoes don't look like toning shoes has always been something of a big deal - and the new FitFlop Dué Ballerina flats really takes that to extremes.

It's not just that these don't look anything like toning shoes - they actually look like ballet flats. There is just no sign of a toning sole - but rest assured, the famous FitFlop microwobbleboard sole is there alright. It's just that it has been disguised with an incredible degree of cunning!

These come in Black, Hot Cherry and Inky Blue - and they look amazing. Nobody would have the slightest idea that you were wearing toning shoes.

You could wear these to the office without anyone noticing anything other than the fact that you had a new pair of gorgeous shoes. You could just as easily wear these on a night out.

They look great, are amazingly comfortable to wear and no-one will ever know that you are secretly wearing toning shoes.

FitFlop Crush Winter Boots

One of the other new styles in the range that seems destined to be a big hit this season is the FitFlop Crush boots. Once again, these look great - and nobody will know that you are wearing toning shoes. They look like a fairly conventional wedge soled winter boot, but the special FitFlop sole is still there.

These come in Black, Brown Sugar, Bungee Cord (shown) and Chocolate. The upper is super soft suede and the ankle length collar is what FitFlop describes as "slouchy".

The combination of good looks, comfort and general warm coziness, means that you will get a lot of wear - and therefore value for money - out of your FitFlop winter boots.


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