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Buy Hot Panties For Men | Avoid The Five Circles Of Panty Hell

Updated on October 21, 2009

These are five things which will take a perfectly nice piece of lingerie and turn it into a hellish torture device. Use these as guidelines whilst buying new lingerie and avoid the lingerie hell which awaits us all at the end of any ill advised purchase. Don't think that you just won't wear them if they turn out not to be comfortable, one day you will forget to do laundry and all there will be in your panty drawer will be these panties and you will decide to wear them and spend the rest of the day regretting it. Trust me. I know. I've been there.

The Seam

You know the seam. Usually seams are okay, they help keep your lingerie in one piece and generally make the wearing of lingerie possible. Unfortunately, not all seams are good seams. If there is a seam which runs right through the middle of the crotch of your panties, then those panties must be avoided at all costs. It doesn't matter how pretty or otherwise cool the lingerie is, it's not worth the hassle. It's like Paris Hilton.

The Lingerie That Almost Fits

Sometimes it is hard to avoid this lingerie. Manufacturers will snip an inch or so off the circumference of the panties and you're left looking like the proverbial muffin whilst wearing the panties. Because you shouldn't try panties on before you buy them, (ew, gross) occasionally this will happen. You can lessen the incidence of this sort of going on by sticking with quality brands you're already familiar with.

Cut Price Panties

Hey! Cut price panties! They sound awesome, don't they! They're awesome until they start itching and scratching and pilling on exposure to UV light.

Unlined Panties

Always get panties which are lined across the crotch. 99% of panties will be lined in this fashion, if a pair isn't, don't buy them. That lining might not look as pretty as the rest of the panties (its usually a cotton type lining), but it is there to draw sweat and whatnot away from your body and helps reduce the flourishing of bacteria which can occur in panties.

Thin Bands

The most comfortable panties have nice thick waist bands. Wider bands distribute pressure evenly over a wider area, making your panties stay up better and ensuring that you don't get thin red panty lines etched into your skin after a hard day of panty wearing. If the panties you're looking at buying have only a little think piece of elastic to hold them up, beware!

But if these are the things you don't want in a pair of panties, what panties will be comfortable? Many men and women swear by Olga panties (pictured below). Olga panties have no weird seam placements, a nice thick waistband, are always lined nicely and made of good quality fabric. They're great panties to own, and they're also a good standard by which to measure the cut and jib of other panties.

Olga Panties
Olga Panties


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    • profile image

      Patti78 8 years ago

      I Just love Olga panties, especially 'Secret Hug'style 873 with the little bow on the waistband! Very comfortable and so feminine!!!


    • profile image

      novpl 8 years ago

      Thanks for your hubs hope.I've always loved wearing stockings with garter. Only problem was I couldn,t wear them outdoors because after a few hours the straps were at my knees. This left very visible telltale lines down down my legs. All that has now changed, I now have more expensive garters that fit properly and my stockings are the right size. Your advice has freed me, thank you thank you.

    • profile image

      Tickdancer 8 years ago

      I'm rather partial to Vanity Fair

    • profile image

      bwhcpty 8 years ago

      I am with you Bill!

    • profile image

      Bill 8 years ago

      If you are looking for a perfect panty buy the “Barely There Solid Microfiber HC #2303” and they come in various colors as well and they are a great all around panty. As a guy myself I find it best to wear the Hi-cuts or French cuts and I prefer the nylon/spandex for comfortable night outs or a sexy mood and the cottons for work or play in this hot SC weather. I love colors, and some lace. Bali makes the Bali Skamp FC Lacy panty and I just love them, oh and you can get matching bras too!

    • profile image

      kfsteve391 8 years ago

      I get most of my thongs and panties from 99 cents stores. The selection is rather unlimited and the prices are right. I look for ones that are cut low in front as these tend to offer more coverage in the crotch area. I found that panties that are too high are narrow in the crotch area and let you hang out. Remember, these panties are made for women and you are trying to find something that will fit a man.

    • profile image

      ILoveLingerie 8 years ago

      Thank you for these great tips!