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Fashion Faux Pas And The Desire For An Off Switch

Updated on September 16, 2013

Assault Of The Senses

Ever had your senses assaulted? Ever wish for an off switch for just those moments in time? I have. Let me explain what I'm referring to.

Have you noticed some serious changes in the social trends of what's "in," "hip," or "cool?" Lately, the "trends" have gone from silly to outright ridiculous, and have moved from ridiculous to way below the margin of tackiness and tastelessness.

I could talk about something like music trends, but let's look at fashions. Have you noticed the number of women, particularly overweight women wearing tops or dresses that have a seam that is supposed to be under the bustline?

Improper Bust Line
Improper Bust Line
Most Mis-worn style in women's clothing.
Most Mis-worn style in women's clothing.

2-3 More Inches

Yet these women buy a top or dress that is obviously too small for them, or wear one they have outgrown; in which the seam line that should fit under their bust is landing in the middle or even above their busts as in the picture to the right.

The style dress and top most often worn like this is the Baby Doll and the Maxi dress. Neither of these styles should have the bust line above the bust except one of the baby doll styles, and that line is usually about 3-4 inches below the collar.

Often, the maxi dress is made with a different color material above the seam line at the bust. This breast cup should not be sitting above the bust. The gathers should not sit on top of the breast, but should be under, because the purpose of the gathers is to give additional room for the fullness of the breast.

The number of women I've seen lately wearing these style dresses and blouses incorrectly is ridiculous. The majoritiy of women I see miswearing this style are from foreign countries, or are greatly overweight and are wearing something they've outgrown.

Oprah, please demonstrate the proper way to wear this style on your next fashion show! Designers, please add two inches at least, below the length of that style prior to the seam line, to help people get the right fit.

Proper Fit For Your Size

The correct fit
The correct fit
Not interested in your undies nor preferences.
Not interested in your undies nor preferences.
A Case of Bad Crack
A Case of Bad Crack


Now the above mentioned incorrect way of wearing that style is visually ridiculous. It looks fashionably stupid, but at least it's not offensive. However, there are a few trends that I'd like an off switch for my eyes, so I don't have to see them.

First, we had to be subjected to visuals from overweight plumbers. Then the trend moved to prison style that supported homosexual ways of attracting same sex partners.

Suddenly a majority of men, particularly younger men and teens started wearing oversized pants that fall down their behinds, or under their butts, revealing not only their underwear, but also the shape and curve of that area.

It was offensive enough having to view the hind parts and undergarments of some of the most undesirable males around. What's worse? To see this same style on men who should be old enough to know better. And furthermore, how dare they call this "swag" as if it is something to be proud of? How ridiculous is that?

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Strung along into thinking this is sexy.
Strung along into thinking this is sexy.

Stupidity Transferred

Then the women tried to compete. It was enough to have to have my eyes subjected to this in wannabe gangsta thugs. Lesbians decided to adopt the style, and bisexual strippers took it to a new extreme in gangsta videos. Women were already objectified enough in these videos without adding this backwards fad to the mix.

Now young, ignorant teens and women without a moral compass walk around wearing their pants low, or wearing low riders. First they started with thongs on display, and this was thought to be sexy.

Not Working

This just flabulous
This just flabulous


Unfortunately, it was not only the petite and the fit people who decided to don this style. No, suddenly the large and lofty decided that they were allegedly sexy enough to adopt this style as well.

Between the ones that are delusional enough to think that exposing their flab is sexy, to a new breed that decided that they just didn't care if their flab was exposed, we became inundated with horrendous visuals of disgusting proportions.

You cannot convince me that when women sit down and their pants drop like this, that they don't know it. Any time mine have started to slip, I've felt it. I can feel the air in the exposed area long before it gets to this state, and I immediately check myself and adjust my clothes to cover the areas that should not be exposed.

Most of the time, this occurs because either the pants are too small, or the waistband is too large and requires a belt. I've seen women with large hips or "ghetto booty" wearing pants to fit their hips, but that don't fit their waist which is either smaller or larger. So either the pant waist is shoved down to accomodate a huge gut, which we don't need to see under a top that is 2-4 sizes too small; or the waist is small and the back of the pants buckles or pops out and needs to be belted to cover the small of the back and prevent exposure when seated.

A New Extreme

What's worse is that now this ignorance has moved to a new level. Now due to the fact that any moron can become a celebrity these days, we have celebs excessively exposing themselves and making young, silly women believe that this is acceptable and safe to do.

The kids impressed by this don't seem to realize that these celebs are well guarded daily, and don't have to worry too much about some of the creeps and wierdos lurking around many neighborhoods these days.

Young girls are regularly placing themselves in danger by exposing themselves in this manner. My question is, where are their parents? It was bad enough when young girls began walking around in pajamas. Soon after that, I saw older women in their 40's doing it, and I couldn't believe my eyes.

If the mothers of these kids are doing the same thing...if they are following after the foolishness of the kids, what or who can institute a change? For this reason, I sometimes wish I had an off switch for my eyes, so that I wouldn't have to see this sort of thing. I just don't wish to be "exposed" to it.


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