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The Gentleman secret to seductions

Updated on November 12, 2016

Do we really know our body to seduce a woman

I am writing this chapter to help many men understanding their body parts. So many of us are yet to know what is best suited to our body, ignorance led us to just buy anything for grooming without knowing the impact that could have on our bodies. I am going to show you the right product to buy in order to have a good social image that will create a good atmosphere around you and attract more ladies in your cycle. You cannot deny that men as well as women all do look after themselves to impress the opposite sex in regards of Heterosexual. I remember one day getting the wrong body spray for myself, I think it was a spray that cost 1.99 and thought that will be enough to making me stand out.

The truth is body spray do not last 24h and only last I will say 5h as they feint as the day goes on. So at that time I did not understand that my body needed something more sensitive and that can last longer than I thought, to elaborate more on that , I am a type of whose sweats a lot when not using a good body spray it was only when i went out to meet up with a friend of mine that I could smell something really bad I was confident that it was not me as I had used my body sprays it was not until my friend got really closed to me after we left the place that he realised that i was smelling a bio.

Yep that is a true story, it was funny, but imagine being somewhere like Harrods and walking around the different designers shops and be smelling like that like a proper bio that day I had to think about all the places I went to like Harvey Nichols and all the other store. I could not have forgiven myself for thus humiliation, my point is choosing the correct body is crucial, understanding how bad you could smell is also crucial.

We often get stacked by thinking that we need to be loyal to one brand half of the time we want to just get anything for a bargain. The fact of the matter is anything that 1.99 is not going to help you smell good at anytime. Scientists claimed that the human body is always exercising internally what that means is your body is always in constant self production so to maintain the outside is my having a shower/bath ever single day. Now we often get caught by now having a shower every day. Now you could use as many designer branding spray or fragrances as you want but if you don't shower it would not make any difference.

Click to see this rechargeable Electric toothbrush

The reasons for you to have a shower /bathing

Showering is another metaphor stage for our body. Therefore, your body gets its allure when you clean it every single time you take a shower . The human body is composed of different parts, and each part has its own role to play and different ways of functioning, that being said your mouth, head, arms, belly, armpits, sex, legs and ass, all have different ways of working. So showering or bathing has to be delicated to each of them in different ways, 98% of humans don't even know how to promptly clean each of those bodies' parts and that makes things even harder and creates more problems for the individuals to control their orals, health and well being.

How do I wash my mouth

Our mouth is something really important , I called it MIC(mouth is crucial ), now many of you will be like I never heard of that yeah it's true , but the reason why your mouth is the most important part of your body is because you communicate on a daily basis where at work, home , public or school. People do take that seriously when you got a bad breadth and often people can easily judge from there. Someone that has a bad breadth is often rejected in community, and that is true people will be scared to be around you not because you are sick or got some diseases but is just is hard to breath someone else bad breadth. So be very concise when it comes to how you clean your mouth now I am going to proceed to show you how to wash your mouth.

1. Buy a toothpaste that can last at least 12 hours ( now the reason I said 12 hours is because we go through that period of your mouth being warm and going throughout the day after you had your breakfast)
2 toothbrush ( I will suggest you getting an electric toothbrush for teeth whitening as the normal traditional toothbrush don't go as far as the electric toothbrush will.
Then in the other hand get a normal toothbrush to brush your teeth that is just to making sure that the freshness of the toothpaste is applied all over your mouth.

3-mouth wash, that is so important to combat batteries in your mouth

4 brush your teeth first thing in the Morning , Afternoon , evening , so that's three times a day and before going to bed also.

How to stop your armpit from smelling bad ?

Avoid buying anything on a budget string, make sure you read the expiring date on the product , I personably recommend the below

Click here to purchase Aventus Creed

How to stop smelling bad

Avoid buying anything on a budget string, make sure you read the expiring date on the product , I personably recommend the below

1. Buy fragrance package meaning with everything inside like shower gel , cream , and normal spray now why is that ? Because in that case you won't need to be worried as this will help fighting your bio

I will say the brands will the depend on you budget but I sourced a few products for you to have a look

Givenchy : the reason why I think given is a good product for this sort of deal is because you get value for money not that expensive but you will be smelling really good and it's things always come with shower gels , spray , eau de toilette.

Channel is a good product to use too, the brand is second to none always smells good can give you a lot freshness and that is what you want .

Tom ford is one of my favourite and you can choose from a variety of collection and can get like 50ml for cheap if you don't have a lot of money .

How to get a good body image

The art of seduction is about being self happy the reason why I said that is because being able to create an image automatically tells the individual right in front of you who you are even though that might not be the case. Women as well men do enjoy seeing partners smelling fresh and clean.

Seduction is not just about looks but it's the togetherness of everything single things together. To secure a better social background you need to smell good a lot of people think dressing good is the main art I say no your breadth and your body has to be on point otherwise the attraction of law will not take place.

The good thing is I speak from self experience, girls love to smell good so why would they man smell a bio? It is vital for anyone in today's society to be able to feel comfortable around people . As someone once said to me spraying or buying a nice Fragrant boost your confidence. That is true, it's like basically having the best car.

Learn to brush your teeth

When to buy a fragrant

So many of us do not know the secret to choosing a fragrant, yes ! That is true a lot of people will buy something like Joop in winter time, you cannot buy Joop in winter it will not do anything good to you . Knowing when to buy a fragrant is important , a lot fragrance brands are just made for the summer season and that is the case of Joop and so many others. We are in winter now I think there are a lot of good perfumes or eau de toilette that you can collect but my main one is Tom Ford, Chanel , Creed and many others . Those stated can be applied at any given season. We all have different preferences but I suggest buying something not that strong and these brands have quality productions and that is the reason why I said it to you. I am going to include a few products that you can purchase on Amazon with retailers.

© 2016 Paul Konan


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