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The Grace & Grandeur Of The Luxuriant Cuff Link

Updated on March 20, 2011

A Kissing Or Barrel Cuff Link?

 A cuff link is a decorated button or fastener worn by women and men to connect two sides of a cuff on a blouse or shirt. A cuff link is designed for shirts with French cuffs, which have button holes on either side but do not have buttons. The cuff ends can be worn either "kissing" each other or overlapping in a "barrel" style, attached by the appropriate cuff link. Most people seem to prefer kissing cuffs.

Cuff link styles vary largely by their design. A simple design has a short chain or post connecting disc shaped buttons or parts. The piece that is most visible is usually larger than its counterpart as well as more decorative. This part of the cuff link is usually adorned with some type of design or gem stone and can even be personalized with a mongram. Styles of cuff links available include contemporary, traditional, novelty, humorous or utility cufflinks.

A cuff link is a de rigeur addition to any man's wardrobe.
A cuff link is a de rigeur addition to any man's wardrobe.

A Variety Of Cuff Link Alternatives

 One alternative to a cuff link is the less expensive silk knot, also known as monkey knots or monkey fists. Three strands of silk are twisted to create a single length, then knotted at both ends. The knots are slipped through both holes of the cuffs to hold them in place. A silk cuff link can be a single color or two or three colors twisted together.

A double button cuff link is a type of link that has two decorative buttons connected by a fine chain or post. This allows them to be seen from either side of the cuff. Some shirts come with cuff links that match the buttons on the front of the shirt, saving you a hassle in trying to find ones that match. While double button cuff links are generally less expensive, they are also thought to be less sophisticated than classic cuff links.

There are virtually endless styles and designs for your cuff link.
There are virtually endless styles and designs for your cuff link.

Silver & Gold Make For The Finest Cuff Link

You can't go wrong in any business or formal occasion if you are wearing a fine quality pair of cufflinks. UK and European men, just like their North American counterparts just adore mens cufflinks, with a special preference for gold cufflinks. Of course nothing can match the style or appeal of a phenomenal set of intricate, handcrafted vintage cufflinks!

When most people select a cuff link they usually opt for a silver cuff link or a gold cuff link. With either material, the cuff link set can be luxurious and elegant. Silver cuff links are more popular than the gold version of mens cuff links since they are more affordable.

If budget is first and foremost you will want to steer clear of buying a beautiful vintage cuff link, as those sets can cost up into the thousands of dollars. A custom cuff link or a designer cuff link can also put a big dent in your credit card balance, but again, you only get what you pay for.

The Swank cuff link is a very popular mens cuff link as the company manfuactures a cuff link in almost every style and price range imaginable. Some men prefer the cuff link stud design, as cuff link studs can give off that real macho look, but the knot cuff link is also a great and economical choice for any man.

A simple stud cuff link can be very macho!
A simple stud cuff link can be very macho!

The Cuff Link In History

 Some records indicate that cuff links were depicted in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, but the first printed record of them appeared in the year 1788.

In spite of the cuff link's early 18th century appearances, the favored fashion of decorating shirt sleeves with fancy ruffles meant that the cuff link didn't make its own headway in fashion until early in the 19th century. It was during this period that the French cuff was introduced and made popular by musketeers.

In the 1840s, the Industrial Revolution introduced a machine powered by steam that could produce cuff links on a large scale, thus increasing their general popularity and creating a market whereby this wonderful fashion accessory is within the grasp of anyone.

Guide To Wearing A Cuff Link

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