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The Hamptons Coach

Updated on December 26, 2014

Hamptons Handbag

Calling all mommies! The Hamptons are just the greatest bag for all you baby makers out there. Let me tell you why. Hamptons are fun and easy on your finances. As a parent myself, I know that it can be aggravating to have to carry along so much stuff every time you leave your condo. Talk about super duper! You will not even imagine how fantastic the Hampton Signature Optic is.

Ever gone shopping or to the beach with you kid and had to use the jon or have found yourself completely grossed out by the sight of a restroom facility? I know that I have been in that place more than a few times. Guess what? The Hampton Optic diaper bag comes with a baby changing pad. That's right it comes with a diaper changing pad. You no longer have to tour into some nameless region or use a toilet that is nasty, abominable or too small. You can freshen up your kid right there. You may be saying to yourself that it is gross to change your child in in front of people but give me a break. If your baby has to be unstunkified then your infant needs to be cleaned and it is indeed less "detestable" to change your kid in public than it is to carry around a loaded and raunchy infant right?

What do you mean you don't have kids? Just joking, you can still utilize the changing pad for your laptop so you aren't setting your expensive computer on some unsanitary or unsatisfactory surface. Besides the assumed elements of ordinary diaper bags such as extra pockets, how many bags come with a matching changing pad or can be utilized as a laptop case? From the plethora that I have investigated or looked at, not many!

You are quintessentially pinching pennies on this bag because it is more convenient to use one bag than it is to tote around two, specifically when have to work on the go. It is stalwart and abundant enough to compile everything you need without all the beef. Talk about hitting two targets with one arrow! Give yourselves a break. Who said being a mom was without rewards? With the Hampton Optic in silver and black, you never miss a beat, you get to feel good, and you are never unprepared.

Don't become perplexed, even if your kid has outgrown the need for a diaper bag it doesn't mean you won't still have to carry around a few things like a sippy cup. The Hampton Signature Weekender or Leather Carryall bags are perfect. It is not as copious as the Optic but exaggerated enough to store those extra baby must haves. Not to mention they come with clips for easy access to your keys or whatever you may need to clip for easy access. Plus these bags are fun! I got so energized about the Optic I nearly forgot to tell you about the new Signature Scribble and Zebra designs.

The Hampton Carryall and Weekender totes come in the most adorable color schemes and patchworks. Take the new Signature Scribble for example. Scribble...? It is Coach's celebrated Signature design that looks like it was loosely colored in with red, pink, orange and blue markers. It looks really cute especially on white canvas. I now deem it Hampton"e-ish". I do reckon I made that ridicules word up, but it does in a way remind of a sunset in the Hamptons.

Now don't get me wrong. You have to take a looky loo at the new Zebra design as well. I know zebra patterns are not that cool but you should see the way they worked the design and they way Coach coupled it in with the other colors. The Large Signature Zebra Tote is fantastic. The signature is done in light pink on mocha brown with green trim and right down the center, a zebra patch and delightful little signature bow garniture. Plus, if you wanted to go bonkers, you could get the matching slim or mini wallet and scarf. You could also purchase a Scribble or Zebra sling purse if it is more your style. I know huh, how cute is that?


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    • Milla Mahno profile imageAUTHOR

      Milla Mahno 

      9 years ago from Florida

      Danjutsu- Every woman must know her Coach, it is so much more than just a bag!

    • danjutsu profile image


      9 years ago from UK

      Great hub, you certainly know your bags!

    • Milla Mahno profile imageAUTHOR

      Milla Mahno 

      9 years ago from Florida

      Oh you poor thing! Maybe someone will get one for you for Christmas, every girl deserves a Coach. I will give a shout out to Santa for ya. :)

    • hibiscus_mel profile image


      9 years ago from Marlton, New Jersey

      What can I say;-) I wish I'm gonna have one'-) Nice hub.

    • Milla Mahno profile imageAUTHOR

      Milla Mahno 

      10 years ago from Florida

      Yes, I think your wife may like one. You know...Christmas is just around the corner. Hint, hint. :)

    • Just_Rodney profile image

      Rodney Fagan 

      10 years ago from Johannesberg South Africa, The Gold Mine City

      Looks like a cool product, nice hub!

    • profile image

      sandra rinck 

      10 years ago

      I want, I want I want. Man those purses look so coach! Milla girlll hook me up! xoxox

    • Misha profile image


      10 years ago from DC Area

      Cool hub Milla! And cool pic :D


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