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The House Of Harlow Jewelry Range By Nicole Richie

Updated on November 27, 2012

House of Harlow 1960

The House Of Harlow 1960 collection was the beginning of a jewelry & accessories fashion empire designed by Nicole Richie in collaboration with professional jewelry designer Moawad. The House of Harlow jewelry line made it's debut in October of 2008, showcasing 50 items of fashion jewelry personally designed by Nicole Richie, and has expanded to now also provide other accessories including shoes, bags, & sunglasses.

The jewelry line typically takes after Nicole Richie's personal bohemian style which she has become famously known for, featuring feathers, gold plated items, geometric shapes, and a lot of the color black. More recent pieces are featuring skulls and crosses also, incorporating a touch of hubby Joel Madden's style.

Most of the jewelry items in the House of Harlow collection are affordably priced, ranging from around $30 - $250. The items are also quite good quality as they are are hand-set. Available items in the House of Harlow jewelry range include necklaces, earrings, wrist cuffs, rings, and bangles, and head pieces which are Nicole's personal favourite items in the line.

It's no secret that Nicole Richie hasn't always been a fashion icon, her rise to fame beginning with the TV series 'The Simple Life', where she was back then scantily dressed, wearing a lot of fake tan, and typically sporting multi-colored ratty hair extensions. She was once largely criticized for her lack of style and also her weight. But Nicole Richie has done a back flip over the years since then, redeeming herself through experimenting with fashion and developing her own personal style that has transformed her into the fashion icon that she is today.

The world seems to have forgiven Nicole for her spent filming 'The simple Life' with her then best friend Paris Hilton, as now she has become a beautiful bohemian flower, trend setting worldwide.

Nicole Richie claims that inspiration for her jewelry pieces typically comes from music, and draws on classic styles of the 1960's & 1970's. Nicole favours this era as far as fashion goes, as she sees it as a time when freedom prevailed in creative expression through fashion, as there were few to no rules about clashing colors, mixing fabrics and such like. Some of Nicole's own fashion icons include her mother, who she says was always dressing up and going out with her father when she was a child, and had an amazing closet full of 60's - 80's fashion styles that were handed down to her. Beyonce Knowle's & Gwen Steffani are also among the trend setters that Nicole admires.

While Nicole Richie has her favourite designers like any other girl, she says that it's not necessarily about the designer, purchasing her clothing, jewelry & accessories because they convey a certain message that resonates with her personally, and she often shops at thrift stores picking up $10 vintage dresses.

Nicole's advice to her fashion followers is to know your body and know who you want to be through creative expression in wearing your clothes and accessories.


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