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How to Choose a Right Prom Dress According to Your Body Type

Updated on June 8, 2011

The Importance of Focusing on Body Shape

Every girl wants to choose the best looking dress from a variety of fashion prom dresses, and w at the same desires to pick one which will make you look fabulous and attractive. Apart from the fact that choosing prom dresses that are in fashion trend 2012, you should also need to have a clear idea of your body shape. Only when you have figured out your body type, you are able to make the selection of formal dresses highlighting your positive points and hide your negative points.

Long Sleeve Prom Dresses

Take a look at long sleeve prom dresses. Prom dresses with long sleeves will look less sexy, and less elegant than strapless prom gowns, but it does not mean you will not be able to showcase your bright points in it. The style adds formal touch, so you will still be able to flaunt your sexiness when attending formal party such as evening party or prom dinner. If you happen to have wide shoulder and thick arms, you should choose long sleeve formal dress, a long sleeve beaded leaf evening gown by Terani Couture. Beading on sleeves adds beautiful details.


Prom Gowns for Hourglass Shaped Women

If you have big breasts, small waists, wide hips and slightly heavy thighs, you belong to hourglass shape club. Almost every part of body is perfect, and you really can wear wrap-around clothes to reveal your sexiness. Form-fitting dresses, v-neck prom dress, pencil cut evening dresses, corset-type dresses will highlight your sexiness. Stay away from dresses in baggy or round neck design, because dresses in the style will make you look fatter.


Pom Gown for Apple Shaped Women

Apple shaped women have top heavy busts and waists, have wide shoulders, that is, the middle part carry the most weight. Apple shaped women may have slimmer arms, hips and legs.

Prom dresses with simple cuts and straight lines go well with women with apple shape. Neckline should be carefully chosen. Since apple shaped women have heavy busts, short neck, so tops with V neckline which can lengthen the neck area and minimizes the chests and shoulders is a good idea. Dresses with any complicated details such as ruffles, fussy should be avoided.


Proper Options for Pear Shaped Women

Women with a narrow upper but a heavier bottom and thighs belong to this pear shape. Shift prom dresses, which tend to cling to the body, should be avoid. Wear a dress which with complicate details on upper part to draw attention on upper area, while draw attention from the lower area.

Back open or spaghetti-strapped prom gowns are appropriate for pear shaped women.


Plus: Prom Dresses

Women with any body type can go well with A-line dresses. Full-length prom gowns will make your waist appear thinner, if you happen to have a full figure.

An hourglass body size will look fabulous in the sexy green sequined halter prom dresses. Colors selection for a prom really depends on your skin tone, the event and your personality. Red prom dresses will make you look sexy, you will look pure and clean in white prom dress, and black prom gowns will make you appear classic

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    • profile image

      angel 2 years ago

      Before you begin searching for your dream dress, find out what prom style is your perfect fit! Are you a glam girl, or are you more classic preppy? Maybe it’s time to unleash your edgy-cool side, or time travel with a vintage-boho look. Take this quiz to discover the style that works for you!

    • profile image

      ...... 4 years ago

      I think the comment about long sleeve prom dresses is so wrong there are plenty long sleeve dresses that can be elegant and sexy as a strapless dress. For example check out the long sleeve prom dresses from Sherri Hill they are beautiful, elegant and sexy.