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The Inspirational Celebrity Hairstyles 2011

Updated on April 28, 2012

Hair may be dead cells, but they have a great gift of bringing your face alive. Teenagers and adults give quite a thought on how to do their hair. You have a host of choices, irrespective of whether you have flowing locks, or lack of volume at the top. A list of hairstyles 2011 is never going to disappoint you.

Scarlett Johansson (Academy Awards 2011)
Scarlett Johansson (Academy Awards 2011) | Source

Some Of The Popular Celebrity Hairstyles

Times change, themes change, but a few celebrity hairstyles 2011 remain immortal. You are still reminded of the upturned blonde curls of screen goddess Marilyn Monroe, later replicated in detail by Madonna and Scarlett Johansson. Mia Farrow and Louis Brooks made the most of their small tresses done in a flapper style. Jennifer Anniston became an icon with her flowing layers (Rachel cut) in Friends; while Meg Ryan has always carried her awkward shag in a uniform style. If you are inspired by celebrities, you know you won’t go wrong with these.

Jennifer Aniston's new haircut (2011)
Jennifer Aniston's new haircut (2011) | Source

Decide The Look You Desire

It is essential to first assess where you will make that outing tonight. If it is for a fashionable do, you can go wild with Afro hairstyles 2011, or simply let your tresses flow one side, allowing a different profile from different sides. However, if it is an engagement or wedding night, it is a better idea to go sophisticated and sassy. You may tuck your hair in a bouffant, or merely clip it with a pearl pin. If you have a medium-cut, try keeping your hair caressing the planes of your forehead.

Meg Ryan (2011)
Meg Ryan (2011) | Source

Different Sizes; Different Hairstyles

It is common knowledge that if you have an impressive range of locks, you are in the best position to experiment with different hairstyles of 2011. Nothing beats the cascade of your crowning glory falling on the fringes of a gown. You can tie it up in ponytails, curls or by just letting it straight and falling. Medium hairstyles 2011 make the best impression with bobs, but you can also let it kiss your cheeks and fringe your brows. A few wavy streaks do wonder to this hairstyle. If you have a short crop, you will have to have an attitude to carry it stylishly. You may go for the military crew cut, or curl them in an updo. Girls with round faces or long necks look best in short hair.

Where You Might Go Wrong

An experiment gone wrong can easily lead to a bad hair day. You have to stay away from extensions; more than making you look moronic, they are dangerous too. Your hairstyles 2011 cannot take the burden of lack of conditioning, for your face oil is ever ready to make it tacky. Also, don’t go for extremely short hair unless you are confident lass. Never wear your hair long in your 50s and 60s. Don’t color your hair in a hue that is starkly different to your skin tone. Also, remember to iron out your curls. These mistakes can hurt hairstyles 2011 a long way.


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