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The International Male Catalog Blog I Wrote

Updated on May 9, 2011

Here's a sample of some typical International Male "fashions"


Okay so I can't even really remember when I wrote the blog about "The International Gay, I Mean The International Male Catalog" but it was a while ago - maybe we're even talking years. Yet on the site HubPages (where all of my blogs appear) it remains one of the most popular (if not THE most popular) blogs I've ever written. I have written a lot of blogs about a lot of different things over the years but it all seems to be about the International Male catalog blog I wrote - Don't Get Me Started!

For those of you who have no idea what the International Male catalog is, I encourage you to find out a little more about it from my original post ( ). Back in my youth this catalog was the gayest thing I could have ever gotten my hands on (yes, this was when microwave ovens didn't exist nor the Internet). I would look through the pages of the "fashions" for men and dream of owning the clothes (or at least the enormous bulges that seemed to be on the underwear pages of the catalog). Not that I ever had a need, body or eventually the taste for a floor length "duster coat" but I wanted one nonetheless.

At any rate, some people have commented on the blog throughout the time it's been up on the web but this past week someone posted the following comment that had me hysterically laughing when I think I probably shouldn't have been laughing, but aren't those the best laughs to have?

Okay, here goes...

I'm trying to locate a past issue to no avail depicting a Black leathr Moto Cross outfit with black suspenders that was stollen from me July 4th I woul appreciate and documentationor bck copy depicting hi item to file my police reprt. Your help is greatlt prcited,

I purchased about 3 years ago a black leather moto cross outfit with black suspenders for about $200.00. I was stolen on July 4th. I you have any information on this product or a past issue I would greatly aid in my police report. I appreciate all your time and effort. I can't find any archived issues.

I purchase a black Moto Cross outfit from you about 3 tears ago for about $200. It was stolen July 4th. Do you have any documentation on his item or an old catalogue, It would help my police report. Thanks for your time and eforrt. Gar Marco

Thanks for yor time and atention.

Gary Marco

Gry Marc

Alright, now those of you who read my blogs know that I could hardly contain myself and while I mean no disrespect to Gary (or his English teacher) I have to say I was rolling on the floor laughing at this one for oh so many reasons. First, if you know the International Male catalog at all, you'll know that the black leather outfit with the black suspenders was probably something they called a "Moto Cross" outfit but in actuality it had padding in the ass as well as in the crotch to make you more "motorific" for the leather daddy of your dreams. The next thing is who in the world would steal someone's black leather (with suspenders) outfit that was two years old and no doubt from Gary's need to find it, it was very valuable to him and most likely "worn in" (wink, wink)? And finally I adore that he called it an "outfit" - not enough people realize that they only wear "outfits" - these are those articles of clothing that are only ever worn together because it's how they appeared on a mannequin in a store somewhere or were pictured that way in a catalog. On the whole we are creatures of habit and will rely on someone else's taste much faster than our own. (Not always the smart choice, kids)

The worst part of the whole thing is that Gary obviously thinks that I AM International Male (and while that WAS a childhood fantasy of mine) I'm sorry (and sort of glad to say) that I have nothing to do with the catalog. However, it did not stop my Jewish guilt from gnawing at me that Gary didn't leave me his email or any information to let him know that I wasn't the International Male catalog. Oh Gary, here's a little prayer going to the Fashion Gods that you DON'T get the Moto Cross outfit back. The International Male catalog blog I wrote - Don't Get Me Started!



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    • profile image

      devil 5 years ago

      Not everyone who wears or likes the cloth is gay dipshit!

    • Isabella Snow profile image

      Isabella Snow 9 years ago

      Hey now, you ARE International Male to some of us, you sexy thang. ;)

    • profile image

      Carols2wow 9 years ago

      I can't believe that Mark guy said he understands that personal prejudices and ignorance is something people just have in them and they can't help it, and he feels he just would be unable to sit down with you and just discuss trivial things, as though he is fearful of gayness being contagious or something. He seems articulate and intelligent, but I guess he was "carefully taught to hate and fear."