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The Islamic fashion business will grow in 2016.

Updated on December 9, 2015
islamic fashion clothing
islamic fashion clothing

Many expert think that , One of the big fashion trend in next year (2016) apparently will be ‘‘hijab clothing’’ İslamic Fashion.

As a religion İslam is growing quickly and Islamic fashion is developing in parallel.

According to researches, Muslim consumers in all the worl spent approximately $266 billion on clothing. Aaccording to the experts report , they are expected to spend about $484 billion by 2020.

Pew Research Center claims that by 2050 this growth will coincide with an explosion in the Muslim population from 1.6 billion to about 3 billion.

Over the past 10 years people who lived in İslamic countries bought islamic clothes and they sold in non muslim countries. Especially, in west it was very difficult to find islamic clothes but now everything has changed.

İn resent years individual investments in Islamic fashion business converted to a big profitable business in the world.

İn 2015 investments in Islamic fashion business rapidly began to increase and also e-commerce websites have emerged, especially Turkey origin hijab clothing website like Modasto.

The biggest Islamic fashion e-commerce websites are Turkish , it’s because Turks spent $39.3 billion on the merchandise in 2013, according to Reuters an and with each passing day increases. The second country is U.A.E. $22.5 billion spent. Turkey is the world's largest consumer of Muslim clothing.

Now, for Muslims there a few islamic fashion clothing websites but they do not yet have an international clothing brand.

Those numbers will only climb as Muslims become more aware of the luxury fashions already ubiquitous in the Middle East adn the islamic fashion bussines center will be Turkey.


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