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The Japanese Hinoki Bath Experience.

Updated on March 7, 2013
Hinoki tub
Hinoki tub | Source

The simple sensory experience of the Hinoki bath comes from the cedar wood used, the beauty of the wood and the lemony smell that comes when sitting in the warm water. Immersion alone is worth the experience.

The room

  • good ventilation
  • open & spacious with wood floors
  • outside deck or patio, must have protection
  • Japanese garden
  • natural views

The wood, Hinoki & wood oil

The white / pinkish hue of the wood projects what Japanese consider the 'pure' image of the wood. It is more expensive, because it is lighter and more delicate, than other woods used to build these tubs and produces a natural lemony fragrance when it is filled with hot water.

  • anti fungal
  • anti bacterial
  • promotes decongestant
  • cures asthma
  • nervous system

Tub construction

  • Japanese cypress
  • planks
  • joints
  • copper apron
  • sealants
  • spouts
  • drains

Tub placement & installation

  • lots of light, windows, screened porch
  • a scenic view, forests, trees, gardens, water


  • ladle
  • bench or stool
  • bucket

Soaking, not bathing, the Hinoki experience starts with getting 'physically' clean or pre washing outside of the Hinoki bath. Stepping into the bath means you are already clean, and are only interested in soaking in the tub.

Soaking should be for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour to get all the pleasure out of the warm water and natural wood for a holistic experience.

Medical reasons, equate to spiritual reasons as well, the goal harmony, relaxation and peace or well being.

Medical reasons for submerging in a warm water bath;

  • blood circulation
  • lymphatic stimulation
  • de stressing and relaxation
  • energizes
  • rejuvenates

Any bath is worth doing at least a couple times a week. A Hinoki bath is great for people who want to relax in a tub full of water but don't want to be in the dirty water they bathed in, for the ultimate hygienic way to enjoy a tub full of water, the Japanese way is best.

So, go ahead have a bath or shower to get clean, then soak in a bath to purify the mind, body and soul!


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