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The Kangatek Go Bandolier Sling A New Type Of Man Purse..That's Not A Purse

Updated on March 25, 2013

Kangatek Go Bandolier Video Review

The Kangatek Go Bandolier The Man Purse That's Not A Purse

So recently I stumbled upon a very cool unique product called the Kangatek Go Bandolier Sling. Not a fashion accessory though not quite a backpack either this is a cool new four pocket sling worn across the body to hold everything you might otherwise hold in your pockets.

The Kangatek Go Bandolier Sling is a four pocket neoprene sling which is used to carry items you may otherwise carry in your pockets. If you read my blog and hubs you probably know I’m obsessed with backpacks, messenger bags, and man bags of all sorts.

How often though do you find yourself carrying around a full-size backpack or a messenger bag that’s 90% empty. You’re carrying around this big bag and all you have inside is a phone charger, your wallet, and a candy bar. This is where the Kangatek Go Bandolier Sling comes in handy.

It’s billed as a quad pocket neoprene bag to hold your keys, cash, and portable technology devices. The neoprene material was a perfect choice as it is water repellant and also offers some padding and protection for devices such as your phone, small android tablet, or mp3 player or IPod.

Two competitors to the Kangatek Go Bandolier Sling would be the Crosspaq and the Runnur. Both of which hare significantly more expensive than the Kangatek Sling. The design and functionality of the Runnur was not what I was looking for. The Crosspaq did grab my attention and I may even say it’s a superior product to the Kangatek Sling, however the Kangatek Sling in black comes in at around $22 whereas the Crosspaq comes in at $45. There also weren’t nearly as many reviews and/or videos of the Crosspaq to give me a good enough idea of whether this product fits my needs. The Crosspaq companies website is also down which prevented me from seeking out more photos or additional information.

Some use this bag for geocaching and carrying around all their necessary items, some use it for biking, while others use it for hiking. It’s a perfect bag for active people on the go as everything your carrying is well balanced among the pockets. The sling will easily carry an mp3 player, your phone, wallet, and even a water bottle if you’re out for a walk, run, hike, or bike ride. Heck, I’ve even seen a YouTube video of a stuntman doing roundhouse type spins and flips while wearing the bag. This bag isn’t just for those living an active lifestyle though, this is also a great EDC or everyday carry bag to carry around smaller items, and it will not substitute for a laptop bag or messenger bag however.

As for the look, it comes in a variety of colors. I’d stop short of calling it a fashion accessory or even fashionable, however it is low profile and doesn’t attract too much attention. It can also be worn under a jacket.

As for the pockets the first upper pocket is great for a phone or mp3 player. There’s actually a hole or rubber grommet for your headphone cord to slide through so you’re phone can be protected in the neoprene pocket while your headphones come out through the hole so you can listen to your music. This pocket will easily fit an iphone. My only complaint which is relatively minor is that the pocket is a bit small for some of the newer larger phones hitting the market. I have an HTC Evo and my phone fits relatively easily into the pocket. The one area a problem sort of arises is when you attempt to plug a headphone jack into the top of your phone it’s a tight fit for my phone to fit in the pocket with a headphone jack attached. It fits, but it’s a tight squeeze. With a newer larger phone like the Samsung Galaxy S3, you may have a hard time fitting the phone into this pocket alone, let alone with a headphone jack attached.

The second pocket down again is a smaller pocket. Perfect for holding a wallet or money clip and your car keys. I have one small complaint about this pocket as well. The pocket is a bit small, or at the very least a bit narrow. Currently I’m carrying a Money Clamp Money Clip as opposed to a wallet, however my old bi-fold wallet would have a tough time squeezing into that pocket. If you plan on using this pocket as a wallet holder, I’d recommend having a tri fold wallet and not having it too overstuffed if you expect it to fit. This pocket doesn’t necessarily have to hold your wallet though. These top two pockets are ideal for carrying items you want easy access to as these pockets sit right up on your chest and don’t require you to readjust the bag to access them.

The bottom two pockets are the longer and larger pockets. These pockets can hold quite a bit of items and are even large enough to hold a standard size water bottle if you’re using the bag for doing something active and want to stay hydrated. I really don’t have any complaints however just to critique the design a bit I’d say two large pockets may not be necessary. Personally I would opt for one large pocket and having the second large pocket broken up into several smaller pockets to. I personally also would have liked if one of these pockets were large enough to carry a standard size envelope as many times I like bringing my mail around with me to pay bills or take care of things while out running errands. The two larger pockets are both too narrow to accommodate an envelope.

Overall I really like this product. If I were to design a similar product there are a few changes I would make as I mentioned above but I do love this “bag” and it fits a certain need and niche that backpacks and messenger bags won’t. This sling won’t carry your laptop or your tablet but on days your carrying a lighter load this is perfect. I also have the UTG Tactical Messenger Bag By Leapers. Another smaller man bag but big enough to hold a net book or tablet. This is what I carry on days I don’t need a full-size backpack but need something larger than the Kangatek Go Bandolier Sling.

I like this product, it’s great for active people, people on the go, or even travelers as you can have all your travel documents easily accessible as well as carry your phone, wallet, and iPod to entertain yourself on the plane. If I had to rate this product I would give it a 7 on a scale of 10.


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