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The Lacy Truth: Military Men Wear Lingerie

Updated on January 13, 2010
100 panties. Necessities for a war zone.
100 panties. Necessities for a war zone.

Those not familiar with the concept of men who wear lingerie and other types of 'women's' clothing often make the mistake of assuming that this desire to dress in feminine attire is only present in the fringes of the population and that these writings must only be aimed at men living a life of depravity and indecency. The reality could not be farther from that stereotype.

Over the years the men who frequent these articles have revealed themselves as coming from all walks of life. The vast majority of them identify as being straight (which makes sense, as the vast majority of people in any given sample size identify as being straight,) and the vast majority of them are men you probably run into fairly often in your every day life. They're your bankers, your welders, your defenders, your fathers and your brothers.

It's a common misconception that men who wear women's clothing must be effeminate in their everyday lives. This is entirely incorrect. A surprising number of men who wear lingerie also serve in the military, or have served in the military, which makes for a succinct rebuttal for clothing conservatives who assume that if a man wears lingerie he must be otherwise entirely useless as a human being. Wrong. He may be the man defending your freedom, (people are big on defending freedom these days, in spite of the fact we seem to be losing it at a greater rate than any other time in history,) and doing it in a fetching thong.

As one man commented on the hub, 'The Panty Revolution: Why Men In Lingerie Matter' "I actually wore panties during the majority of my military obligation. Towards the end, one female soldier did see the lace band of my yellow nylon panties but I was never confronted on it."

Another man said on the hub 'Battleground Panties, The Silent War' : “I've been wearing full time for about ten years now. I served in the Military and wore panties under my uniforms (when possible obviously).”

Yet another fine gentleman with a penchant for panties revealed: As a guy and one who loves to wear panties understand I am a real man! I have hunted and fished all my life, spent 22-1/2 years in the military, most overseas in hostel environments, and don’t cross me in anger and violence for you will get hurt or worse. BUT, I do love my panties and other fine lingerie!

Solid notions of masculine and feminine dress start to dissipate when one looks beyond the outer layer of the average man's clothing. You cannot judge a book by its cover, and you cannot judge a man by his panties. But you can probably get him to stand up straight and salute in them.


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    • profile image

      Doug 7 years ago

      I am a veteran and former infantryman. Not only do I wear panties, but dresses, skirts, and other decidedly femminine outfits.

      There are plenty of women in the military, and the fact that they wear lingerie, skirts and dresses doesn't impair their effectiveness, so why would the fact that a man wears the same thing impair his effectiveness.

    • lululemon is pwn profile image

      lululemon is pwn 8 years ago from Canada

      i ALWAYS have a bra on i think theyre comfy. i also wear panties 24/7

    • profile image

      Sherman 8 years ago

      Thanks Hope and military men for telling your story.

      I am not military but grew up on a farm, cleaned barns and chicken houses, removed dead pigs and calves from pens and buried them, cleaned out sewers, hung and finished drywall, remodelled homes, built and installed cabinets, maintained my vehicles, supervised and performed commercial building maintenance. etc. Get the picture? Sure you do. It's all much easier wearing comfortable clothing. Lingerie makes the day better.

      I look forward to more men telling how lingerie makes their days better.

    • profile image

      pantied bill 8 years ago

      I also wear panties 24/7 and am currently serving in the military ( and have been serving for 21 years). It definitely does not make me any less of a man.

    • Doctor Editor profile image

      Doctor Editor 8 years ago

      Hope, how you're able to find these topics and are able to hone in on the demographics amazes me! Right on girl! I flew in the Air Force for 10 years and I don't think my flightsuit ever saw a day in those ridiculous men's briefs in their entire 10 years of service! It still astounds me every day how men have been pigeon-holed in the fashion industry and how society has been stoned-washed right along with it!

      I am a veteran of the US military, I fought in all the persian gulf conflicts and wearing panties doesn't make me any less of a man! What gets my goat is many of the women who have fallen prey to what society has taught about gender roles and in particular how each gender should be dressed. I have pointed out to my g/f many of your articles regarding how men of status wore fine lace and dresses back in the days, but that actually seems to just get her going even more! She merely says that reaffirms her case why they looked ridiculous then as well! So, I give up!

      Awesome writing Hope, your stories ALWAYS seem to ring so true in the ears of many!!

      LOVE YA!!


      Aim High....Air Force! :)

    • profile image

      ILoveLingerie 8 years ago

      Don't just be strong, be ARMY strong! YAY! With PANTIES and other lingerie!!!

    • profile image

      pauls_boat 8 years ago

      i spent 12 years in the army and it was whilst in that my wife decided that if i was going to wear female panties when off work i should wear them at work and one day i came home and found out she had removed all my male underwear and replaced them with female items.

      just becouse i wore female panties did not make any worce at my job or any better, the only reason i had never done it before was fear of being found out butthe fear is nothing to be bothered about as long as you are happy wearing them and you stand up foor what you want then no one is bothered in the slightest. the only reason i never wore a skirt when in uniform was i was not isued any to wear if i had been i would have happily wore them.