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Face Foundations - How to Apply and What to Wear

Updated on May 13, 2009

To achieve a flawless look for your skin with makeup, foundation is a must. Most women report that they feel more confident when they know that they have good skin - and to achieve results only takes a few extra minutes of your time in the morning. Get the best tips for application and what to use on your skin here.

Foundations are a great way to improve the visible quality of your skin.
Foundations are a great way to improve the visible quality of your skin.

To begin, you need to start with the basics. Your skin needs to be fresh and clean in order for the foundation to look its best. First, cleans your skin with a gentle wash or scrub. Then tone and moisturise lightly, using only products that suit your skin type - dry, oily or combination (normal).

Once your face is clean, you may wish to use a primer to extend the wear of your makeup. Some primers add a certain luminescence to your skin, which shows up through the foundation. This gives your skin a glowing quality, without making it shiny.

Now that your skin is fully prepped, you can begin to apply your foundation. You can utilise a damp foundation brush or sponge to apply the makeup, and use your fingertips to blend thoroughly around the eye area and jawline. Always make sure to use circular motions and apply the makeup in a downward direction - the hairs on your face sit downward so applying the foundation in an upward motion will only cause the hairs to sit up, making your makeup look obvious.

Remember, the key to applying makeup is always to make it look natural. For a nighttime look, dramatic eyes and lips are great - but such a look is not crash hot for your skin!

To set the look, you can dust a little translucent powder over your face. This, too, will help extend your makeup wear and give your skin a kissably-soft finish. A tiny bit of talcum powder may also be used on the cheekbones ifblush is to be applied -it will help give the blush a better hold on your skin. 

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While these techniques may seem a little time consuming, quick and effective yet thorough foundation application takes just a few minutes. Most of the skin-prepping techniques such as cleansing, toning and moisturising should already be a part of your daily routine - so what's another few minutes if its spent on looking fabulous?


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