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The Leggy Lingerie Trinity: Stockings, Suspenders and Stilettos

Updated on October 13, 2009

Wondering where to start on a sexy lingerie collection? Try putting on some stockings, suspenders and stilettos. Some might say that stilettos aren't lingerie, and they'd be right. But they'd also be missing the point. What I'm talking about here is a holistic approach to lingerie.

I don't recommend stilettos for walking more than a few feet at a time. They'll destroy your feet and your back quicker than an unfortunate degenerative disease if you insist on trying to wear them all the time. For short periods of time however, they'll just make you look plain hot. They'll make your legs look longer, slimmer and more shapely due to the fact that you're basically walking around on your tippy toes the entire time you're wearing them. If you're a lingerie purist you could try walking around on your tippy toes without the assistance of stilettos but I imagine the hotness factor will decrease in direct proportion with the rise of the 'wow, that's weird' factor.

Seriously. Stilettos are great shoes for the bedroom. Everyone who loves lingerie should splash out on a pair. Just be careful, turn your back on them for an instant and they'll snap your ankles. You have been warned.

Stockings are the next on the list. Though really you'll have to put them on before the stilettos or you'll look incredibly unconventional in a way that even Dr Frankenfurter could not be hoped to approve of. If you have larger legs, try stockings with a seam that runs up the back of the leg, or small gauge fishnet. Ideally wear seamed small gauge fishnet stockings. Textures and lines tend to confuse the eye and make a surface appear smaller than it really is.

For an outfit in this style, dark stockings are better, though they can be sheer. Darker stockings are just more dramatic than say, nude brown stockings which probably wouldn't go with your stilettos anyway.

The suspenders I refer to are not the ones that go over your shoulders, though I am sure they could be sexy too if presented in the right sort of light. No, instead I refer to the suspender straps on a garter belt in such a way so as to make the alliteration in the title work. Garter belts add retro class to any lingerie outfit. They also give the impression of having tried. Nobody just haphazardly slips into a garter belt and stockings. That's something you do when you want to look sexy for someone. Trust me, the gesture will be appreciated.

Hm, what else am I forgetting. Panties? Well, panties are optional of course.


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    • profile image

      9 years ago

      haha yup i always wear my thongs on top of the garter belts except for one strap, because when i take off my thongs they will stay on my leg trapped underneath just one strap of the garter belts and oh my does it look sexy!?

      and thanks hope for your "fasion tip" on the new seamed stockings -- seams up front! now i always wear two pairs of sheer stockings, a pair of seamed underneath, with the seams in the front, and one cuben heel back seamed stockings, both pairs fastened by the garter belts~!

      also, i often find garter belts are not tight enough for my hip even though all of mine are in small size... i've come up with a way that i'd remove a pair of shoulder straps from the bras i don't wear anymore, then clip the two ends with the two back straps of the garter and the bras' back wing where the shoulder straps meet; this way they keep the garter belts from slipping down (which i don't see the point of the garter belts anymore >_<), create the more strappy feeling which i crave for and enjoy sooo much, and make the look much better as if the bras and the garter belts unite! hmm when i'm out on the streets seeing the girls i enjoy looking at, i very often ask myself "are they wearing something as sexy as a guy like me wears?" followed by the answer "don't really think so XD"

      but Dear Hope, is there a size XS for garter belts? please tell me if there is cuz it's been bothering me since i was so young that i can't remember when i started enjoying lingerie wearing...... Thanks very much!!

    • Hope Alexander profile imageAUTHOR

      Hope Alexander 

      9 years ago

      Good point Alicia ;)

      As for you Mr Gunnau, that's enough of your lip! ;)

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      You forgot to mention that panties are best worn over the top of the garter belt, for easy-access purposes anyway (not to mention when needing to go to the toilet). ;)

      Thanks for the "seamed stocking" tip. :D

    • profile image


      9 years ago from Central Coast NSW Australia

      I can do that. Now what about the ladies who won't wear sexy lingerie because they think they are too fat?


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