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The Magic of Luminizers: One smart trick to make yourself glow + tips on how to use them.

Updated on May 24, 2012

I'm a huge, giant fan of luminizers, also called highlighters, I definitely cannot live without it. To me, it should be a girl's best friend, and it is to me, but many, many women still avoid it because they don't know how to use it, for what is it, just not call their attention, don't think is as important as other makeup products or they just still prefer bronzers to have a "glow" on their faces. But the truth is that luminzers are one of the best products around, in a while can transform a dull, tired looking face into a gorgeously fresh, glowing, lustrous and luminous one, and honestly, which woman doesn't want to look glowing every single day, even when they're at home? It can even be used on bare face as an instant pick me up. This is one of the easiest ways to glow in just seconds, anytime.
Works by applying it strategically on certain spots of the face, where the light hits naturally, and when applied, it reflects and enhances the light creating an overall luminosity that equals plump, hydrated skin.
All this might seem like it's only for people with dry and dull skin, but actually is a good tool for everybody because it can add to any makeup a beautifully ethereal pearlescent effect, it can also be mixed with foundation if you want it to be more luminous, and with concealer to catch up the light better on the dark undereye circles, on your eyes to create a pretty makeup effect and more. Keep reading to see how luminizers should be used.

There are several forms of luminizers, liquid, cream and powder. They also come in several shades so it can be easily adapted to any skin tone and can recreate any effect. My personal favorite comes in cream form, which just as liquid form also does, create a fresh, glowing effect and comes with the plus of moisturization, and can also be used on bare skin. Powder form have the function of only illuminate and doesn't come with any extra skincare benefit, so it's more suitable for those that just want to create a luminous effect on makeup. The last one is also more suitable for people with oily skin, obviously.
The different shades of luminizers aren't just made for being adapted to the different skin tones, but also, to create effects like a luminous tan, since there are many dark, golden shades of luminizers. Also, peachy and pink shades of luminizers are the best options to add a subtle hint of color to the cheeks while the lustrous, pearlescent effect will make them look bigger and higher, this works specially well on the apples of the cheeks. The common shades of luminizers are beige, champagne and gold, which are used on the highest points of the face to achieve luminosity.
The following are just some little things you need to know to rock a luminizer:

• Avoid glittery luminizers. The glittery, iridiscent effect is the least you want because can make your "glow" look fake, instead, look for something with a subtle pearlescent effect that reflect the light evenly and create a more natural look.

• The points of your face to apply luminizer to bring light to your whole face, are the highest points and those where the light hits naturally as you move your head. Those are the sides and top of your forehead, the upper part of your cheekbones, the brow bones, the bridge of the nose to contour and the chin. You can play with it on the different spots of your face to see how is more flattering to you.

• Applying a bit of luminizer on the sides and top of your forehead, as well as the bridge of the nose can recreate the effect of hydrated skin.

• You can always mix a tiny amount of luminizer with your foundation to create an overall luminous effect.

• Also mixing a small amount of luminizer with concealer is another good idea for using on the dark undereye circles to reflect the light and illuminate the area much better.

• Though I personally believe that cream and liquid luminizers are better to create a fresher and more glowing look, avoid them if you have very oily skin because it can just make the skin look shinier. Instead choose powder form that won't just illuminate the skin but also set the oily spots. If you still want the fresh effect of cream and liquid luminizers, you can mix the powdered luminizer with your daily moisturizer, that one that makes you feel comfortable and doesn't makes your skin react, you'll achieve almost the same effect.

• Don't apply luminizers around your eyes if you have lines and wrinkles because this can make them look more noticeable. Only use luminizers on the highest areas of your face, those that are still smooth.

• Apply a tiny bit of luminizer on the bow of your upper lip and this will make it look plumper. A luminizer in pencil form is more practical as it makes the application on that area much easier if you're not well trained in doing makeup.

• A spot of luminizer in the inner corner of your eyes and another spot of light right on the center of your lids, sticked to the lash line and subtly smudged upwards will make them look specially brighter and awake, and will create a pretty effect to your eye makeup. If you combinate these two steps alone, with a mascara (and a little concealer too, of course), on the lower lashes, only in the outer corner, on the upper lashes, liberally, you'll have a very simple and natural, but very flattering, luminous and incredibly easy eye makeup without the need of too many products that just complicate your life.

• Don't overdone luminizer. If you decide to use luminizer by mixing it with your foundation or concealer, don't apply it back on those spots of your face because is not necessary, it already works well by reflecting the light on the higher points of the face. If you're going to use it indivually on certain spots, only pick a couple, don't do it all over your face, usually, on the tops of the cheekbones going to the sides of the eyes and on the bridge of the nose works well to illuminate your whole face.

• Use it on bare skin. If you're like me, and don't like to use makeup on a daily basis and even for going out during the day, but still think that your face needs a pick me up, then luminizer is the right choice. Even more when used along with a good, non-glittery, creamy blush and a tinted lip balm or a lip and cheek tint, can enliven your face in minutes without overloading your skin with lots of products and takes less time than you can imagine. To use on bare skin, the cream and liquid formulas are the right ones, and always start with properly cleansed and moisturized skin, we're not taking about skipping skincare, I never skip skincare, that's one routine I don't mind to perform daily because I know it works for the health of my skin, so don't skip skincare before putting on makeup.

• Do it all over your body! Don't only limit to your face, applying luminizer on your body, whether if it's mixed with a moisturizer or applied on certain spots it can also make the skin of your body look amazing and glamorous. You can use it in endless ways, by blending it with a moisturizer and applying all over your body to create a softly luminous glow, or individually in places like your shoulders, collarbone, breasts, arms, lower legs and even feet.

As I said before, there's probably no better makeup product than a luminizer, if you haven't already, you should definitely give it a try, no matter what your age is, no matter how your skin is.

Stay tuned for more makeup and natural and organic skincare tips!

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    • kellyanne828 profile image


      5 years ago

      Great information! I have never tried a luminizer, but I would like to. Is there one in particular you would recommend?


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