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The Many Varieties Of Men Wallet

Updated on March 20, 2011

A Men Wallet For Every Man

Several new varieties of wallets are emerging that are based on the design of a typical men wallet. These new styles of men wallet are meant to be used for storing specific items.

This kind of men wallet is designed to eliminate having to scramble through numerous pockets of your wallet for that certain item you need. Not only are they functional, they also help avoid the dreaded wallet bulge made from a traditional mens wallet.

The Spectrum Of Men Wallet Styles

Money clip wallet: Money clip wallets are useful accessories that can help you keep your currency in order. Unlike other men wallets, a money clip wallet is comfortable when carried in your front pocket. Fashionable money clips come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

A quadruple fold men wallet can hold almost anything you want to carry around with you!
A quadruple fold men wallet can hold almost anything you want to carry around with you!

Credit card wallet: Credit card wallets are perfect if you need to store a large number of credit cards, bank cards or membership cards. This kind of wallet allows you convenience, security and accessibility to all of your credit cards.

Checkbook cover: Although mainly used to secure and protect your checkbook, many checkbook covers come in styles that have storage pockets inside them allowing you to carry your money and cards without the need for a separate men wallet.

These various wallet styles have made it possible for men to choose the most suitable way of carrying their credit cards, cash and coins as well as other important items while travelling about. Be sure to choose a high quality wallet that offers you the most protection for your needs.

There are virtually endless styles of men wallet.
There are virtually endless styles of men wallet.

Luxurious & Durable Men Wallet

With the huge range of mens leather wallets available, you certainly will never complain that there is not enough choice of mens leather wallet in the local stores on in the online retailers' websites. By all means examine the option of a money clip wallet which is essentially a money clip and a wallet combined into one practical and attractive unit.

However, if you carry a lot of plastic you may want to treat yourself to a rugged and appealing credit card wallet! However, for the very special lady in your life you can't go wrong if you choose to give her an exceptionally beautiful personalized monogrammed checkbook cover, an elegant wallet bag, or go for the full treatment and opt for a luxurious designer leather tote bag!

Men wallets are as varied as the men who carry them. There seems to be no end to the variety of styles of men wallet.

Mens leather wallets are always popular as they are very luxurious and durable. Whether you're looking for a small mens wallet that will fit snugly in the back pocket of your favorite tight jeans, or a more substantial mens leather wallet in a trifold style that can hold up to a dozen credit cards, you can't go wrong when you choose the style and practicality of a men's wallet.

You can also select a mens wallet zipper closure model that will keep all your cash, ID, and cards secure. A mens card wallet featuring a mens wallet zip closure can be a godsend especially when you're in crowded areas or traveling.

If you want ultimate luxury, carry a Versace men wallet.
If you want ultimate luxury, carry a Versace men wallet.

A Men Wallet Can Add Style

 Men wallets also come in a variety of designs, like the conventional bi-fold or tri-fold wallet. The material options are endless, ranging from leather or suede to canvas, denim or vinyl. Wallets made from animal skin tend to last longer than other types of material. If chosen carefully, your choice of wallet can add significant style to your everyday and fashion ensemble.

A Secure Passport Men Wallet

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