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100 Articles For Men Who Wear Women's Lingerie

Updated on November 15, 2010

Here it is! The complete collection of men wearing lingerie articles, written by yours truly. There are close to a hundred here, so you have some reading ahead of you if you want to read them all.

Articles are split up into broad subsections to you can easily find the articles most relevant to your interests. Enjoy! 

Why Men In Lingerie?

These articles deal with the ins and outs of men wearing lingerie from a social and personal perspective

Eugene TS Wong - A Man Who Wears Hosiery

The Panty Revolution, Why Men In Lingerie Matter

Do Men Have The Right To Wear Panties?

The Secret Power of Panties

Is It a Sin For A Man To Wear Women's Lingerie?

Why Do Men Like To Wear Stockings

Men In Lingerie Preverted, Or Possible Even Perverted 

Plus Size Panties For Men And Women, Rant

Feeling Feminine In Lingerie 

Men In Bras, The Medical Reason

Men In Bras, Just For Fun 

Are Men Who Wear Lingerie Weak Sissyboys? 

Helping Men In Lingerie, Your Comments Count 


Men In Panties

Satin Panties For Men

Pretty Cheeky Panties From Victoria's Secret

Pretty Frilly Panties For Men

Sexy, Comfy Panties For Men 

The Great Debate, Thong vs Panty Showdown

Vintage Panties For Men

Panties For Men

Power Panties For Men

Sexy Plus Size Panties For Men 

Naughty Mesh Panties For Naughty Men

Sexy Panty Inspirations For Men 

The Panty Pyramid 

Cute Pink Panties For Men 

Men In Panties, A Basic Panty Guide

Mesh Panties For Men


Men In Bras

A Basic Guide To Bras

Bras For Men 

Lace Bras For Men 

Naughty Bras For Naughty Boys

Pretty Pink Bras For Men 

Balconette Bras For Men

Lingereiopedia Illustrated Guide to Bras 


Men In Stockings

Are you a man who likes to wear stockings and hosiery?

Floral Thigh High Stockings For Men

Super Sexy Stockings For Men

Fashion Stockings For The Fashionable Fellow 

Hot FIshnet Summer Stockings For Men

Sexy Seamed Stockings For Men

Sultry Stockings To Die For

Sexy Sheer Pantyhose For Men

Feel Sexy In Stockings 

Mens Stockings ABC's 


Other Lingerie For Men

Everything that isn't bras, panties, or stockings goes here....

Bustiers For Blokes 

Garters For Guys

Teddies For Men

The Call of Camisoles 

Bodystockings For Men 

Sexy Lingerie Outfits For Men 

Naughty Lingerie For Men

Panties You Can Eat 

The World's Most Expensive Lingerie 


Men In Lingerie and Relationships

Sometimes the biggest challenge for men who wear lingerie is reconciling it with their relationships...

Love and the Man in Lingerie Part One

Love and the Man in Lingerie Part Two

Love and the Man in Lingerie Part Three

Love and the Man in Lingerie Part Four

Love and the Man in Lingerie Part Five 

Why I Like My Men In Lingerie

Why Does He Wear Panties

Why Men Who Wear Lingerie Are Sexy

Why Can't Men Wear Panties?

Want To Wear Panties, But Scared To Tell? 

How To Find Women Who Like Men In Lingerie

Grandmas Lingerie Hints For Married Men 

Five Reasons For Men To Wear Lingerie

How To Have Fun With A Man Wearing Lingerie

Are You In The Panty Closet?

Outed As A Man Who Wears Lingerie 


For Women with Men Who Wear Lingerie

Finding out that the man you're with likes to wear lingerie can be a shock. These articles are designed to take some of the edge off that surprise.

Is He Gay If He Wears Womens Panties?

Should I Worry If He Wears Lingerie?


Wearing Lingerie In Public

Planning to leave the house wearing lingerie? Read these articles first...

How To Wear Lingerie At Work

Caught Wearing Womens Lingerie

Wearing Lingerie In Public, How To Avoid Visible Panty Lines 

Men Caught In Lingerie

Six Signs He's Wearing Lingerie


Buying Lingerie

Masculine Lingerie For Men

Five Hot Tips For Buying Sexy Lingerie 

Heat Up Your Lingerie Collection

What Makes The Perfect Panty?

Choosing Lingerie, A Beginners Guide

How To Get A Bra That Fits

Looking Hot In Plus Size Lingerie 


Fun With Lingerie

Fun, lighthearted articles about men who wear lingerie.

Quiz! What Kind Of Man In Lingerie Are You? 

The Great Celebrity Panty Heist

Heroes In Lingerie

Men In Lingerie Videos 



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    • profile image

      shortbread 8 years ago from Michigan

      Hope, you are one of a kind!!Are you married?(LOL a guy can wish anyway)To bad some gals do ease up a bit and have some fun.

    • profile image

      mrhenry 9 years ago

      Thank you Hope for bringing this topic out into the light. Reading a few of these blogs and responding to some has really helped me build my confidence level to a place my wife has been wanting me to be. She really gets a tickle out of the lingerie on me. Actually more than a tickle. Well suffice it to say that our lovein times have increased on every level. Thank you again. I am hopeful that the other men reading these blogs will also grow in confidence that there is nothing wrong with enjoying the finer things in life even if one has to keep it under wraps.

    • profile image

      Gunnau 9 years ago from Central Coast NSW Australia

      G'Day Hope

      Men wearing lingerie is an old pastime for many of us but approaching women on the subject csan either enhance or ruin a relationship all because we don't like what is on offer for men.

      It's only clothing. It's really nice clothing but it's just clothing. Women will freak out just as easily at Skirts, lycra shorts or anything else not 100% endorsed by their ideals of manhood

      There are many things we love that freak out women. It's a mad mad mad world.